Dutch footballer Kuyt to hang up his boots

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Dirk Kuyt, Dutch footballer and captain of Dutch football club Feyenoord, on Wednesday announced retirement from football.

The 36-year-old forward said, “To me this feels like the right time to retire. I have had two fantastic years here since returning to Feyenoord, with this season’s title as the absolute pinnacle. I had the dream of winning trophies and becoming a champion with Feyenoord. All my dreams have come true.” ((nl))Dutch language: ?Voor mij voelt dit als het juiste moment om te stoppen. Na mijn terugkeer naar Feyenoord heb ik hier twee fantastische jaren gehad, met de landstitel van dit seizoen als absoluut hoogtepunt. Ik kwam terug om prijzen te winnen en kampioen te worden met Feyenoord. Al mijn dromen zijn verwezenlijkt. On Sunday, Kuyt scored a hat trick as Feyenoord won their first Dutch League title Eredivisie since 1999.

On Sunday, Kuyt scored a hat-trick as Feyenoord won their first Dutch league title Eredivisie since 1999. Kuyt’s nineteen-year footballing career started at FC Utrecht. He won one KNVB Cup (Dutch Cup) with them. Kuyt moved to Feyenoord Rotterdam in 2003 after five seasons at Utrecht. He was top-scorer of the club in all three season at the Rotterdam club.

The Dutchman joined English club Liverpool F.C. in 2006. Six seasons with the Merseyside club, Kuyt netted 71 goals in 285 appearances. In 2012, he won the English Cup, his only trophy with the Reds. In his debut season for Liverpool, Kuyt won the silver medal in the UEFA Champions League, losing to Italian giants A.C. Milan.

Kuyt spent three seasons with Turkish club Fenerbahçe winning the Süper Lig (Turkish league title), Turkish Cup and Turkish Super Cup before moving to Feyenoord. He won a KNVB Cup and Eredivisie in two seasons in his second spell at the club. He scored twelve league goals this season.

Kuyt has 104 international caps and has the sixth most caps for Oranje. He has scored 24 goals in the Dutch colours. Kuyt featured in three FIFA World Cups, finishing second in 2010’s World Cup in South Africa and third in 2014’s World Cup in Brazil. Kuyt is to take a sports management training programme. Feyenoord’s techincal director Martic van Geel is to tutor him. van Geel said, “I will tutor Dirk and I could easily imagine him taking over from me in due course.”

DaimlerChrysler plans to cut 13,000 jobs

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

International car company DaimlerChrysler announced today it would cut 13,000 jobs in North America. It could part ways with the loss-making business.

It also plans to cut two Chrysler plants in an attempt to make Chrysler business profitable by 2008.

About 9,000 production jobs will be cut in the U.S., 2,000 production jobs in Canada, and 2,000 salaried jobs.

“It’s hard to say if it’s enough … but the stock is reacting nicely, which is further verification that this is a favorable restructuring move and a much-needed one at Chrysler,” said chief investment officer at Solaris Asset Management, Tim Ghriskey.

Following some speculation that the companies Daimler-Benz (Mercedes-Benz) and Chrysler, which merged together in 1998 to make DaimlerChrysler, would split, chairman Dieter Zetsche denied allegations.

“We do not exclude any option in order to find the best solution for both the Chrysler Group and DaimlerChrysler.”

What You Need To Know About Panic Attacks And Hyperthyroidism?

By Yap Kc

Even the most emotionally stoic individuals can get nervous after they experience symptoms resulting from certain medical conditions.

Hyperthyroidism is one such condition that can easily lead to a panic like state. It is basically an overactive thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is found in the lower part of the neck. The hormone that controls the thyroid gland is produced in the pituitary gland. In hyperthyroidism, this control malfunctions and the thyroid gland, which is charged with the production of the hormone thyroxine, goes into overdrive and starts producing too much of it. When there is excessive thyroxine in the human body it causes a general increase in the rate at which chemical reactions take place inside. When this happens, physical symptoms like shaking, anxiety, palpitations, breathlessness, and perspiration will occur. It is quite normal for the patients to feel that they are experiencing a panic attack.

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There are other symptoms that make it quite easy to diagnose hyperthyroidism. These include increased appetite combined with weight loss, thinning hair, constant tension, and an uncontrollable desire to stay in motion despite feeling very tired and exhausted. Another indication comes from the fact that unlike a panic attack, wherein a person feels cold, a person with a hyperactive thyroid gland will feel hot. If symptoms like these are witnessed, the normal procedure is to undergo a screening for the thyroid activity.

Treatment for hyperthyroidism can follow on of three paths. The most common method is to administer a radioactive iodine mixture that helps to control the behavior of the thyroid gland. If that does not work then anti-thyroid medication will be prescribed. In case the thyroid gland does not respond to either then it might need to be partially or completely removed through surgery.

Some of the symptoms that people have described during panic attacks include a pounding of the heart or palpitations. There is also a trembling in the hands and tremors accompanying a dizzying sensation. It is often difficult to control breathing and hyperventilation results in many other physical symptoms.

What is confusing is that people with hyperthyroidism will experience some of the same symptoms and believe themselves to be victims of a panic attack. It is even possible for patients to be wrongly diagnosed as having a panic disorder instead of hyperthyroidism. Treatment of the thyroid gland will leave these patients completely free from all panic related symptoms.

While you are discussing your symptoms with your doctor, you must also take up the matter of TSH and T3 levels. It is possible that during treatment for hyperthyroidism you may become hypothyroid because of radioactive iodine, anti-thyroid medication, or even surgery. When this happens you will be on hormone replacement therapy. Consult your doctor in detail about all of this because if the dosage for the treatment of hyperthyroidism is too high it might result in panic state symptoms. A reduction in the dose at this time will help alleviate the symptoms of a panic attack.

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10,000 refuse to pay U.S. taxes to protest Iraq war

Sunday, April 16, 2006

An estimated 10,000 conscientious objectors chose to withhold some or all of their U.S. income taxes due Monday, April 17, in protest to the use of US military power in Iraq. Some plan to instead donate their required tax to charity.

The Internal Revenue Service does not distinguish tax resistors from any other person behind on their taxes, and will apply the same fines and interest used against the other Americans who do not pay their taxes on time. Legal action is possible for extreme cases, but more commonly the IRS uses wage or bank account garnishing.

The tax protestors are well aware of these risks, yet refuse to pay on principle. Jim Allen, who served in the Army for 20 years and now teaches at St. Louis University, acknowledges that he will likely end up paying more due to the fines than he is refusing to pay today. “I am not opposed to paying taxes, but I am when such a large percent is going to pay for war. Sooner or later, they’re going to get their money, but until that happens, I’m going to continue protesting. This is too important not to.” Allen and his wife withheld $1300 – or 42% of what the couple owes the IRS, estimating this to be the proportion of his taxes that would otherwise go to military spending.

Other protestors simply refuse to file at all. Becky Pierce of Boston fills out a 1040 to determine her tax, but then donates that amount to charity without filing. Pierce says she follows in the footsteps of American protesters like Henry David Thoreau, a protester of the Mexican-American War who went to jail rather than pay taxes. “You need to have control of your money,” Pierce says. “I’m a self-employed carpenter. No one is reporting what I make. That’s why I can go unnoticed.”

Fußball-Bundesliga 2007–08: Borussia Dortmund vs. Bayern Munich

Sunday, October 28, 2007

October 28, 200717:00 (UTC+1)
Borussia Dortmund 0–0 Bayern Munich Signal Iduna Park, Dortmund Attendance: 80,708 Referee: Markus Merk
Tinga 45’Valdez 61’Valdez 79’Federico 79’Blaszczykowski 83’Klimowicz 83’Klimowicz 90’+1′ Match Report 66′ Sosa 66′ Altintop 70′ Toni 70′ Podolski 88′ van Bommel 88′ Ottl 90’+1′ Schweinsteiger

Bayern Munich remained undefeated in all competitions after a 0-0 draw against Borussia Dortmund. The draw leaves Bayern at the top of the table with 27 points. However, the lead is down to four points after Hamburg’s 1-0 win against Duisburg.

Franck Ribery didn’t pass a late fitness test and didn’t make the 18-man strong matchday squad. Luca Toni, Martin Demichelis an Jose Ernesto Sosa replaced Lukas Podolski, Philipp Lahm and Hamit Altintop. Jose Ernesto Sosa returned after being sidelined for almost two months after ankle surgery.

Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund exchanged plenty of chances and almost had a 50/50 possession between them.

Bayern Munich plays Borussia Mönchengladbach at home in the DFB Cup while Borussia Dortmund plays Eintracht Frankfurt in the same competition.

401 K In Colusa

byAlma Abell

Setting up a 401K Colusa is easy enough. Your employer K Colusa. Other plans are riskier but may gain or lose money depending on the market. Some plans are based around certain technologies. You have plans that focus on green market corporations. Other plans include oil and gas, a modest sampling of the NASDAQ, a focus on your company specifically and many more.

YouTube Preview Image

A 401K is tax-deferred. In other words, you don’t pay taxes on the money that goes into your 401K until you start withdrawing it upon retirement. When taken out during retirement, 401K funds act as general income. As of 2013, the highest amount you can put into your 401K is $17,500 per year. With most 401K plans, you can essentially loan yourself the money in your 401K and pay it back to yourself with interest. You can take out up to two loans at a time.

401K plans help make the retirement years easier. As a supplement to Social Security, they provide extra income that can be withdrawn each month. It is important to make your 401K as large as possible. Have the maximum amount taken out of your paycheck each month. Make sure that you are at a percentage that your employer will match at least. This ensures that you are making the most money you can for retirement savings. Social Security K money to supplement your Social Security benefits will help tremendously in your retirement years.

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US House of Representatives holds two Cabinet officers in criminal contempt of Congress

Saturday, July 20, 2019

The United States House of Representatives voted to hold two current Cabinet officers, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and Attorney General William Barr, in contempt of Congress, citing their refusal to disclose to Congress documents related to President Donald Trump’s attempt to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census. The vote passed primarily along party lines, 230-to-198. Historically, the Department of Justice has not pursued criminal charges against those held in contempt of Congress.

In April, the House Oversight and Reform Committee authorized subpoenas for documents relating to the administration’s decision to try to add a question about citizenship to the census, attempting to discern the true reason for the addition of the citizenship question. Barr and Ross, however, refused to hand over the documents. On June 12, minutes before the Oversight Committee voted to refer them to the full House to be held in contempt, Trump formally claimed the documents were subject to executive privilege.

For weeks, the Trump administration has been trying to add the question, “Is this person a citizen of the United States?”, to the upcoming 2020 census, with the stated rationale of improving enforcement of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. In late June, the United States Supreme Court ruled against its initial attempt, saying the justification presented for the question was “contrived.” A few days later, on July 2, Trump announced he would drop his bid to add the question, before reversing course the next day and pressing forward. A few days later the administration said he would use an executive order to add the citizenship question to the census, disregarding the Supreme Court’s ruling. The administration finally gave up on July 11, arranging instead to provide citizenship information to the Census Bureau from other government agencies.

Only once before has Congress voted to hold a Cabinet officer in contempt while they were in office: Attorney General Eric Holder was held in contempt in 2012 for refusing to turn over documents related to Operation Fast and Furious. People held in contempt of Congress are referred to the Department of Justice for potential criminal prosecution. As Attorney General, Barr leads the Department of Justice. Kerri Kupec, spokeswoman for the Trump administration’s Department of Justice, sharply criticized the House’s decision, which Ross has referred to as “gamesmanship” and a “stunt”.

The citizenship question was last included in the general census in 1950.

Need of Computer Education in Today’s scenario.

In this article , we will discuss the need of Computer Education for human beings. How it affects our daily routine or what is the importance of computer for making our Career. As in Today’s scenario, the use of computer or technology can be seen here and there whether it is schools, colleges, companies, engineering, constructions, marketing or even at the grocery stores. Manufacturing of almost all the products are computerized, billing, ticketing at railways etc. are computerized. Means the keys of success or the best career opportunities are revolving around the Computers or Technology.

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Computer Education certificates, diplomas or degrees prepare individuals to work in the field of IT (Information Technology) or enhance individual’s technical skills for other career areas which rely heavily upon computers as a tool. IT has long been a fast-growing and in-demand career field and offer a variety of degrees to prepare individuals for various careers. The field of education encompasses a wide variety of career paths and can prepare individuals to be programmers, software developers, systems analysts, database administrators, or computer scientists. Some areas of computer education are more artistic or creative in nature and may focus on animation, game design, graphic design, or web design.

In continuation of these aspects of computer education, there are a lot of schools, institutes or online services which provide computer education you in easy and economical mode. No doubt , these can be in your reach and easy to access, before approaching them, you must remember one thing that why you are doing so, means what is your aim to do so. If your aim is clear, then confirm that the course done from that particular institute is beneficial for you. The Institute is providing you all the basic faculties, facilities or certification which will be beneficial for you in the advancement of your career.

Many computer schools offer basic IT Certifications in specific operating systems like Linux or basic networking technologies. Certification programs can take less than a year to complete and prepare individuals for entry-level networking or programming jobs. Associate degrees are also offered and tend to take two years to complete and prepare graduates for jobs as systems analysts, database administrators, or middle level design positions. An increasing number of positions are being filled by graduates who hold bachelor’s or even master’s degrees in computer science or related fields. Most programmers hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science or programming. High-level positions at companies that direct game or software development typically require a bachelor’s and often a master’s in this area.

Careers in this area continue to be one of fastest growing fields. With increasing business dependence upon technology, individuals who can keep networks and software running are in high demand. Furthermore, the gaming industry continues to be the highest grossing entertainment industry. Computer education can help you get skills necessary to be a part of this lucrative and exciting field. Whether you are hoping to start a career in IT or simply returning to add a new certification to a resume, these schools can help fill any computer education needs. CITC – an Institute for providing computer education helps you to make career in field of IT and computers on basis of franchise.

British, Irish premiers leave Northern Ireland; no justice deal yet reached

Thursday, January 28, 2010

United Kingdom prime minister Gordon Brown and Irish premier Brian Cowen have left Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland, where they had been attending talks on justice and the recent Northern Ireland crisis regarding the devolution of policing and justice powers from London to Belfast. No agreement has yet been reached, and the main parties have been given two more days to attempt to broker a deal.

Martin McGuinness, the deputy first minister and member of the republican party Sinn Féin, was “deeply disappointed” by the lack of an agreement on the possible devolution of Northern Ireland’s policing and justice powers from Westminster, London to Stormont, Belfast. Brown, however, believes the discussions are salvageable. He said that there is the “prospect of a reasonable agreement” being reached within the next two days, and that they “have the pathway to an agreement” in place. The British unionist Democratic Unionist Party and Sinn Féin—Northern Ireland’s two largest parties—have been arguing over the issue for some time.

On Monday, Brown and Cowen travelled to Hillsborough Castle to meet with delegates of Northern Ireland’s major parties in an attempt to forge an agreement, and—before he left—Brown gave the remaining delegates 48 hours to find a mutually beneficial solution. He said that the governments of the UK and Ireland will publish their plans if no such agreement is reached. He also said that the devolution could occur “around the beginning of May” this year. Sinn Féin want the devolution to occur as soon as possible, but the DUP argues that “community confidence” is required before the process, which would give Northern Ireland its first justice minister, can begin.

We have not concluded a deal today and I am deeply disappointed about that

McGuinness said, “We have not concluded a deal today and I am deeply disappointed about that. We intend to study the governments’ statement.” He said that his party would refuse to give its support to anything that subjected “citizens’ rights” to a “unionist veto”. Peter Robinson, the leader of the DUP who has been forced to temporarily stand aside as first minister due to a sexual and financial scandal involving his wife, said that his party would not accept a “second-rate deal” in order to keep to “someone else’s time limit”. He is also reported as saying, “We are not prepared to buy a pig in a poke. We will do what is right for our community.” Sinn Féin has accused the DUP of stalling for time, though Robinson denied this, saying that “[t]he party has always wanted to see the devolution of policing and justice and has always wanted it to happen without undue delay but it has to happen on a basis that we believe is sustainable”.

We are not prepared to buy a pig in a poke. We will do what is right for our community

It is thought that a failure to come to an agreement could trigger a re-election in the Northern Ireland Assembly, and damage the delicate peace process, which began with the Good Friday Agreement of 1998. Margaret O’Callaghan, of Queen’s University Belfast said, “It’s difficult to overestimate just how bad relations are between them. They really do not get on. On the other hand people have too much invested in this to allow it to collapse.”