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Students are one of the biggest groups that struggle with maintaining health insurance. This problem will supposedly be addressed by the up coming changes in the American Health Care program; however these changes may take over a decade to institute. In the meantime it is important to realize the options that are available to students.Many first and second year college students are eligible to remain on their parents health insurance policies because of their age. As they age however, they may find that their parent’s insurance doesn’t want to cover them. Even when your family health insurance coverage will still cover these adult students it may still be advisable to look at other more cost effective health care options.Student health insurance is available to those who are enrolled in school both part time and full time and is usually available through most colleges and universities in the United States. Many times materials relating to student health insurance benefits are included in the initial paperwork that is handed to new students prior to enrollment.Some schools do not include health insurance options in their initial packets however, and if this is the case you may want to sit down and consult with your college advisor about health insurance options that may be available to you through the school or through other professional organizations. You may be surprised to learn about the available option for health insurance through the college years.Most students can pick up affordable health insurance because for the most part those who are college age tend to healthier overall as compared to the population as a whole. Being a lower risk group really helps and that is why many parents even those of college freshmen wind up switching over to student health insurance policies. These policies usually cover a student for all their needs and since they are based on the college or university that they are attending, most of the health care providers in the plan will be local to the school no matter how far away they go from home.

Can I Get A Mortgage After A Foreclosure Or Short Sale?

By Patricia Payne

If you are trying to buy a home after a foreclosure or short sale you are probably concerned that you will not be able to get approved for a home loan. Though it may be difficult to get a mortgage after a foreclosure or short sale, it is not impossible

Getting a Mortgage after a Foreclosure

The housing market collapse hit all 50 states hard and resulted in many homes being lost to foreclosure. The number of foreclosures skyrocketed and the housing market has changed forever. The housing market changes are on many different levels. One way the housing market has been forced to change is how lenders perceive foreclosures on loan applications.

As you can imagine, there are some lenders that will not approve a mortgage for anyone whohad a foreclosure in their past. Some lenders may approve a mortgage after a specified period of time (1 year, 2 years, 5, years, 7 years, etc).

There are absolutely lenders that are approving mortgages for buyers who had a foreclosure in their past. These lenders will consider the overall circumstances behind the foreclosure and consider your overall application. You should be prepared to give a very detailed explanation about why the home went into foreclosure. Supporting documentation is also helpful


Speak to your loan officer upfront about your foreclosure and make sure he or she thinks you can still get approved before you waste valuable time.

Getting a Mortgage after a Short Sale

A short sale may not be as damaging to your credit report as a foreclosure. It is important to know that a short sale can be quite damaging, nonetheless. Some lenders have eased their guidelines for approving mortgages for people who had a short sale in their past. This is because many homeowners were forced to sell their homes below what they owed because of the crash in home values.

Keep in mind that the impact of a short sale on your mortgage application will also depend on how it was reported to the credit bureaus. You should get a copy of your credit report from all three credit bureaus and find out how the short sale was reported (if at all). The vast majority of mortgage applications ask about foreclosures and bankruptcy and not about short sales.

Speak to your loan officer about this upfront so you do not waste time.

Getting a Mortgage After a Short Sale or Foreclosure – The Bottom Line

The bottom line is you can be approved for a mortgage after a foreclosure or short sale. Find lenders that clearly state they offer mortgages to buyers with a past foreclosure or short sale. Know what is and what is not on your credit report and be upfront with the lender.

If you do your research and find the right lender you can be approved for a mortgage after a foreclosure or short sale.

This article is intended for general information. Always seek sound financial and legal advice before making any financial decision.

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Who Has The Cheapest Car Insurance

By Jim Bassett

In most countries and states today, numerous laws have been enacted with regards to their minimum car insurance coverage. A car insurance policy is not only seen as an important preparatory expense in the event of a car accident, it is also a legal requirement. Not having one can result to the driver getting his license revoked during registration or even suspended for at least three years, in addition this is a large sum as a penalty fee. To save on expenses and to keep them from facing stiff penalties, many car owners try their best to find who has the cheapest car insurance.

Car insurance companies can offer different rates depending on a number of factors.

One such factor is the car in use. The car plays an important role in determining the monthly and overall cost of the insurance policy. The car model, its age, its manufacturing year, its repair history, its present condition, as well as the overall risk of the car model are factors related to the insured car owner’s car.


Another important factor in determining the cost of the insurance policy is the driver of the insured vehicle. As a general rule, a teenager entails higher insurance monthly premiums. This is due to their tendency to be risky drivers. If the driver is no longer a teenager, the insurer will review his driving history as well as the traffic violations he has done in the past. Doing so will allow the insurer to evaluate whether the car insurance applicant is likely to run into a car accident.

By knowing these factors, the car owner can now have a rough estimate of how much his car insurance is worth. Doing so, he can evaluate whether the insurance policies he is offered with are affordable or expensive.

If a car owner is looking for the cheapest insurance policies, then those of older and trusted insurance companies should not be solely considered. This is because these established companies normally charge more than newer companies. However, it may not be true in some cases. In effect, the car owner should equally consider both new companies and older companies when comparing insurance policy quotes.

Newer insurance companies normally charge far less than the older and more established ones. This is due to the fact that the larger companies have a higher trust rating compared to them. Many car owners looking for car insurance companies normally look to these older and more established companies even though they cost more. Therefore, newer companies have to charge less to attract more customers.

A good way to find many newer and cheaper car insurance companies is through the internet. There are many sites at present that make comparisons between car insurance quotes. By providing all the needed details and information of the car owner, he can then gather results according to the insurance quotes. This way, he can clearly tell which company offers the cheapest car insurance policies.

Finding the best insurer should not be about who has the cheapest car insurance. Rather, it should be about who offers the best service. It is also important to remember that it is the responsibility of the car owner to review the coverage and the quality of the car insurance company he chooses even if it is the cheapest. Doing so, he can guarantee that he is fully insured in the event that he meets an accident.

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Cutting Health Insurance Costs

Surveys of self-employed individuals consistently show that one of their major concerns is the ability to buy affordable health insurance. One in 4 self-employed persons has no health insurance today even tough more than 70% of these people could afford to buy high quality health insurance if they had an effective buying strategy.1. Have a budget and set realistic expectations. Realize that the purpose of insurance is to cover unexpected and otherwise unmanageable expenses. Most good plans cover “ordinary and necessary medical expenses” but not your health club membership. Look for coverage that provides protection but avoid being drawn in by the marketing sizzle. Do not buy health insurance with the primary intention of picking up the cost of your existing ordinary medical expenses like prescriptions, routine dental care and annual check-ups. Health plans exist for almost every budget. Remember that no one is excluded from receiving medical care for an acute condition because of the type of their health insurance plan, but rather medical treatment may be denied because they dont have any insurance coverage at all.2. Realize that there are trade-offs in every health plan. The lowest priced high quality health insurance plans excluded coverage for pre-existing medical conditions and require periodic re-enrollment. It is often better to take the less expensive insurance any pay for small uncovered expenses yourself. But if you need to find full takeover coverage, then you cannot expect to be offered the insurers lowest rating.3. Think short term. Most individual health insurance policies for self-employed persons actually stay in force less than a year. Buy the plan that offers you the best deal right now and do not worry about whether it will be available in a year. In 12 months, a whole new generation of health plans will be available. It would not be smart to keep the same plan for more than two years because new plans are evolving rapidly. A plan that you bought more than 2 years old would not likely represent the best value for you today. 4. Use student medical plans and foreign travel plans if you qualify. These plans offer better deals than traditional coverage.5. Choose a higher deductible. By taking a $1000 deductible, you will save more than $1000 in premium payments over a year’s time. This should be an easy decision from a mathematical viewpoint, but still many people buy policies with a low deductible. It makes no financial sense to pay an insurance company $1000 in premiums for medical care that you could buy for $600 cash.6. Choose indemnity type coverage and avoid HMOs. This lets you and the doctor that you choose maintain control of your own medical care. This saves money in the long run by allowing the best course of treatment from the outset of any medical condition.7. Use the Internet. Technology now allow for online pricing and enrollment with policies issued within 24 hours. Savings have resulted in lower premium prices. Some plans offer premiums as low as $25 per month for catastrophic coverage for young people.8. Avoid the scams. Unfortunately, self-employed individuals are a prime target market of numerous health plan marketing scams. State insurance departments continuously shut down disreputable plans, but new ones sprout up just as quickly. Well-established and reputable health plans are obtained from well-established and reputable distributors. Good health plans do not use multi-level marketing schemes. All individuals handling your health plans enrollment should be licensed, bonded and insured. Beware of individuals who claim that they do not need an insurance license in your state or can not provide evidence of errors and omission coverage or a bond issued by an insurance company. Remember the old adage if it sounds too good to be true. This certainly applies when shopping for health insurance.

All About Getting Car Insurance

All About Getting Car Insurance


Adriana Noton

They may seem all the same to you, offering more or less the same products and services for rates that seem to be similar as well. If you make time for it however, a little research will reveal otherwise when it comes to car insurance.

There is actually a significant difference in the auto insurance quotes you will get from different firms for the same auto insurance policy. Taking the time to look at the different car insurance quotes and the terms and conditions is therefore well worth it for the savings you could make in premiums payable.

One factor that plays a role is determining premium rates for auto insurance is a drivers personal circumstances. An adult driver for example, who had held a driving license for at least five years, with no incident and accident and who has no claims made to an insurance company will get a good rate. An adult driver however who had a history of even one accident that had seen them make a claim will be charged significantly higher premiums for the same insurance policy.


A drivers status as regards their dependants will also play a part in determining the premium rates that are charged. A driver who has children who are frequently driven in the car might be quoted less compared to one who is single or has no dependents. The insurers logic is that a family car in which children are often driven around in will be more cautious on the road and therefore poses less of a risk.

The single person or one without dependants is seen as a higher risk driver who would be less cautious and perhaps take more risks on the road like over speeding. It is also assumed that a younger, single person is more likely to use the car to get to and from social places where they are likely to indulge in alcoholic drinks. They are therefore seen as posing a bigger risk when on the road.

When it comes to comparing insurance terms from different companies with the view to getting the best rates, take the advantage of the fact that rates are available online. These days, most if not all insurance firms have online presence in recognition of the fact that most people use the internet more than any other media to look for information.

All you have to do is enter the relevant personal details and you will get an instant car insurance quote from all the insurance companies in your locality. For instance you will be asked for details like the make of the car you drive, your age, gender, your history as a driver and personal history like immediate family members such as dependants.

Apart from premiums rates, look at a company\’s reputation when it comes to settling claims and making if they do so in a timely manner. When faced with a situation like a car accident, you do not want to keep going back and forth to your insurer for compensation. There are several companies offering car insurance but they have terms that vary significantly. Take the time to search for the best possible deal you can find for yourself.

With years of experience and a good driving record, why pay more for

car insurance Alberta

when you have earned the right to pay less.

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