It’s Time To ‘Fall’ Back Intointo Budgets

By Adriana J Noton

After all of the long weekend getaways, days at the beach and nights on the town this summer, fall is the prefect time to create a responsible financial plan before the end of the year.

While everyone can excuse a little excessive spending in the hot months by saying ‘it’s ok – it’s summertime’, once September arrives, it’s time to get realistic and back into better spending habits. So, what does this mean exactly? Well, it may be time to put the credit card away and start drawing up a budget. This applies mainly to students for whom the allure of a credit card may be too tempting. Money is very easy to spend in university, especially when you can’t see it. Credit card companies understand that student’s are easy ‘prey’, as they are new to the concept of a credit card. It is therefore, more likely they likely they will fall into financial debt. As secure as a credit card may make you feel, and as tempting as they may be, a credit card should be used responsibly.

The number one thing to remember is a credit card is not ‘free money’. You will have to pay back everything you charged on that card back one day, and if it takes you too long, it will cost you significantly more money due to high interest rates. However, a credit card is also a great way for a student to start building a good credit rating. So, when it comes to making large purchases for the future, for example a home, banks will see that your credit rating is good and you won’t have any problems being approved for a loan. The major problem is when people build such massive debts and a bad credit rating during their student days, it will come back to haunt them in adulthood.

So, what can a student do now to help prevent high debts in the future? Well first of all, you will notice many credit card companies set up stands on campus to entice students to sign up with their ‘student credit cards’. No matter what you call it, a credit card is a credit card. Before you start the year draw up a budget that you know you can adhere to.


Try something like this:

— Start with adding up your fixed monthly expenses: rent, insurance, utility bills, etc.

— Then add in expenses that will fluctuate like groceries, gas or transportation costs, etc.

— Don’t forget to leave room in your budget for entertainment, eating out, shopping, leisure activities or anything else you buy regularly like a magazine or a morning coffee.

— Start keeping track of your debit and credit card statements to see where you are spending the most money, and where you can make an effort to cut back. Reducing the amount you spend on coffee or the weekly magazine could help you save money for something bigger like a new computer or a vacation.

— Try to pay off your entire credit card balance every month. If you don’t have enough money in your account to buy a specific item then think twice before you make the purchase

— Keep all of your receipts accessible, with a running tally, so you know how much you’ve spent every month. Then when your statement arrives and you discover all the purchases you have charged on your credit card you won’t be in for a shock.

The student life can be a tough one, and spending beyond your means will only add to the stress. So a budget is key to your survival. If you have problems developing a budget, look on your campus website for help or talk to a financial advisor. There are usually seminars and people who are there to help. Start the fall off right and develop a budget that you will be thankful for in the long run.

About the Author: Thousands of Canadians struggle with debt each and every year. For non-profit

credit counselling


debt consolidation

resources and tips visit Consolidated Credit; teaching consumers how to budget, get out of debt, and use credit wisely.


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Your #1 Investment Tax Write Off: Real Estate Depreciation

By Monte Lee-Wen

Sometimes Tax Time can be so painful…

Remember the last time your Mutual Funds took a loss and you STILL had to pay taxes. Doesn’t seem fair. And when your stocks take a loss all you can do is write that off against your stock gains.

Have you ever thought to yourself,

“Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get good cash flow and a generous tax deduction from the same investment?”

Think of it… a single investment offering you the best of both worlds. Is that even possible?

I have good news, because

that is Exactly what direct ownership in Commercial Property offers you.

AND I guarantee you this is information your Stock Broker doesn’t want you to know.


Here’s the best tax write off in Investing…

When you own Commercial Real Estate you can take as much cash flow as the property will produce as income AND use Depreciation to write off thousands of dollars of that income every single year.

There it is … that “Best of Both Worlds”. You take Cash Flow as income and write off Depreciation at the same time … no matter how much Income you made on the property that year.

Here’s how Depreciation works…

Commercial Real Estate is “Depreciated” using a 39 year tax life. The IRS basically says that the buildings on the property are worthless 39 years after you purchase. This means every year you can write off one thirty ninth of the value of the building(s) against your income for the year.

It’s a leveraged write off too…

Here’s what I mean. You get to write off 1/39th of the Entire Value of the Entire Property … not just money you personally put in to the deal.

Check out this example…

If you put $200K cash down on a $1M Commercial Property, you can use Depreciation to write off 1/39th of the full $1M – not just the $200K you put in. This equals $29,614 per year, every year for 39 years in a row if you wish.

And it gets even better…

You can even “Accelerate the Depreciation” and take a bigger write off than this.

Certain parts of your Commercial Property can actually be depreciated over shorter tax life periods and give you an even larger depreciation deduction. It’s done using a technique called Cost Segregation.

Here’s how it works…

Some components of your Property have a tax life of five years, some seven or even 15. There are consultants who can routinely add thousands to your annual Depreciation write off by taking a week to do a Cost Segregation Analysis for you. You can find hundreds of Cost Segregation Consultants with a single search of that term in Google.

Accelerated Depreciation is totally painless, gives the already generous depreciation write off a major boost. Even though it sounds like magic, this technique is completely above board and accepted by the IRS.

At Tax Time it is important to remember this…

Depreciation is the #1 Tax Write Off available to investors today and just one of the reasons Commercial Property deserves a prominent place in your portfolio.

We have created a special report outlining 35 separate unique advantages of direct ownership of Commercial Property. You can download your copy at our website below to kick start your Commercial Real Estate Investing Education.

About the Author: Monte Lee-Wen has purchased over $150 Million in Commercial Property to date. As CEO of Investortours University, his training programs teach you the Insider Secrets of Commercial Property Investment. CLICK THIS LINK NOW to start your

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The One Stop Destination For The Pet Food Supplies

You can set the supplies for the pet food from the perfect warehouse. These are places that have the understanding about how hectic and a beautiful time pet feeding is. That said, you can get the opportunity to energise the dog by giving nutritional foods while also improving the psychological behaviour of the pet. You can give the food plenty of ingredients with the right amount of nutritional benefits for showing love for your faithful companion. You can get plenty of ingredients in the form of the food from the pet food stores.

The assortment of the food types

You will be getting the range of the meals that turn out to be the best one. Even if you want the platters with the no grain formula, from the top-notch brands. The excellent food supplies for the different kinds of the pet turns out to be the best in terms of the essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, everything in the optimal level. The perfect supplements that will be working for giving them a solid body and good mental stability, you can get the availability of the same. Different species has different need of the nutrients. Hence the store will provide you with required food.


The meals from pet food stores are also available for your cats. You can get plenty of pet food that will be giving that taste and nutrition at the same time. . You can get the secure shopping option with the store as well. Even if you’re looking for the handpicked meals from pet food stores that will be perfect enough for the canine or feline companion, you can pick the meals with the proper nutrition. A huge lot of the foods for fish, Mouse, reptiles, dogs or anything else that turns out to be the best will be in stock.

Get the right foods from pet food storesthat are loaded with protein supplements in the right way. So be ready to give the perfect way of functioning life. Food like meat, proteins, and sustenance is always there at your fingertips. The best part is that these food are labelled with no GMO, no additive and the no false flavour kind of the food. Each of these is available in the ideal eating regimen.

When you provide the pets with the foods these foods, it will be making sure of giving the 100% nutritional benefits. It’s a well-known fact that pets always require the right amount of protein in Daily Meal. That said, you should always give the right amount of nutrients, minerals and cancer prevention agents.

Healthy foods from the perfect store

The best part is that you can give the assortment of the taste with the wholesome advantages to make sure that the dishes are packed with flavour. Even if you want the high protein choice that will be taking care of the animal in the perfect way, you can get the availability of similar options. Extraordinary nutritional fact foods are also best enough for keeping away the chances of dehydration, hypersensitivity and any other such stomach issues. These meals give a significant amount of improvement in the pet for meeting the individual requirements.

The food types from pet food stores are good enough in terms of correct value of nutrients. You can offer the foods to the goat, sheep, fish and the poultry. The nourishment is fit because the foods are packed with mineral nutrients. With such beautiful platters, you can care for the well-being and the prosperity of your pets at your home.

Getting The Health Insurance You Need For Your Children

Health insurance is just as essential for children as it’s for adults and in a lot of cases a visit to the pediatrician could help you identify issues with your children that you might not even know existed. Many families are struggling to remain insured although the good news for parents is that the government is actually making it easier for parents to insure their children. Of course if you have health insurance through your employer then you’ll most likely be able to add your children for a very small amount, although if this is not the case or you have found yourself without health insurance then it’s imperative to know that there are several options available to help you out with this issue. The existing regulations make it possible for you to maintain health insurance for your children up to age 26 however if you dont have insurance then you may need to explore other options.Older children may be eligible for a student health insurance plan to help cover them while they are attending school. This sort of plan is typically relatively reasonably priced and can help you to make certain that they maintain health insurance into adulthood. This age group is most at risk for being uninsured so it is necessary to look into those health care plans that can cover them at a reasonable rate.Younger children might be eligible for Medicaid and pregnant women are also commonly eligible for Medicaid if they have financial need. Medicaid is a program designed to help make sure that you can get the standard doctors visits for your healthy and sick children to help them grow well and succeed in life.Possibly you have a nominal income but it is too much money to enable you to be considered for Medicaid. Fortunately, there is also a Childrens Health Insurance Program available through Medicaid designed specifically to help working parents afford the health care coverage they require for their children so even if you aren’t financially eligible for Medicaid you should check with them to learn exactly what you are eligible and they can let you know if you are eligible for any of the programs they offer.Keeping your children covered is essential especially during challenging financial times. Health insurance may seem like a little thing but when you are faced with a sick child or have a child who has been diagnosed with a serious illness it can be a lifesaver and something that will seem like a worthwhile investment of your money.

Customized Car Electronics Brings Durability And Performance To Your Car

By Kristof

If you own a car it would reflect your personality only if you customize it with suited electronics and accessories. Driving a well modified car will turn to be a different experience if you make it look the way you want to. Irrespective of your personal preferences, a car gives quality service if it is supported with adequate electronics and accessories.

Car Stereos And Amplifiers

When shopping for car audio parts, the online medium is a great alternative that delivers products right at your doorstep. Especially car stereos and amplifiers are available under the best brands, buying which will save your hard earned money. When you are selecting a car stereo system, video and amplifiers, make sure you buy it from the most trusted brand. A stereo system that needs replacement one year later isn’t supportive for your car’s performance. Moreover, you won’t want to listen to fuzzy music so pick up reputed brand product from a trusted online shopping store and ensure yourself a classy ride with some excellent music.


Alarm Systems And Security

Unfortunate events never alert you before coming. So when it comes to secure your valuable care, don’t think twice! Install an alarm system in your car either professionally or manually. Don’t be unsure of your decision and take a smart step by opting for professional installation. Remember, cars are a prime target for thieves who steel car parts that are highly priced and easy to sell. So, the car must be equipped with secured electronic alarm system supported with car remotes that restrict thefts and ensures security of the car whenever it is parked.

GPS And Radar Detectors

When planning to buy a new car GPS system, make sure to get it from the online shopping stores because that will help you to get a view on the reduced cost of these products. Save on your hard earned money by purchasing a car GPS online without paying any retail space cost. You can drive leisurely with a car GPS system that is a unique navigation form. Without any botheration and fear to get lost in an unknown territory, you can drive safely with our GPS device and keep away from traffic congestion, without using a route map.

If you opt to buy radar detectors from the local market be prepared to deal with huge confusion with the various kinds of models of the product. Buying these products online will save you from such sort of ordeals guiding you about the different features and benefits of the radar detectors. You can purchase radar detectors from us and keep yourself safe from breaking laws related to speed driving. Reduce the speed of your car with radar detector that warns you before you get ticketed for rash driving.

DVD Players

Ultimate traveling experience is caught with car DVD players that are abundantly available at online shopping store. The compact and easily fitted DVD players are a perfect partner when you go for a long car drive.

About the Author: Kristof has passion for

car electronics


other accessories


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Windows Xp Errors

Windows XP Errors



Despite the great popularity of Windows 7, there are still many computer users who favor Windows XP because it is stable and easy to use with a faster speed compared with Windows Vista. It is the most widely used operating system in spite of launch of Windows 7. It has set various technology benchmarks in terms of data storage and

data security

. So anyone using older or previous versions of Windows OS are upgrading to MS Windows XP.

In order to upgrade to MS Windows XP, you need an installation CD of Windows XP that gives setup wizard for completing the operation. Well, upgrading process is not that easy as it seems. Because in some cases, the whole upgrade process gets halted in between and also earlier version of Windows (that you are using currently) become unusable.

Such situations make your hard drive data inaccessible and lead to data loss. So your next immediate step is to


restore deleted file

. This can be achieved using prolific

data recovery software

. It should not be surprising to you if you get an error message in midst of upgrading to MS Windows XP. At that time, the installation process completely stops and doesn t proceed further. Following is the message you generally get: Setup is unable to perform the requested operation on the selected partition. This partition contains temporary Setup files that are required to complete the installation.

Furthermore, your system might stop responding with the below error message: An error has been encountered that prevents setup from continuing. One of the components that windows need to continue setup could not be installed. Data error cyclic redundancy check This message reveals that there might be some problem with your hard disk. So better

check it

first, there are chances that it is corrupt or damaged. Culprit for this corruption can be damaged metadata structure, virus infection, software failure, etc.

In the end you are left with corrupt hard disk and inaccessible, lost, deleted data. When setup tries to fix the hard drive issues, you get these errors. In order to restore deleted file from the hard drive, fix it using

data recovery tool

. Cause Logical damage in the hard disk is the main reason for this issue. Setup cannot properly write data to the damaged disk and thus gives the errors. In these cases, previously stored data also become inaccessible. Resolution To fix up this problem, it is recommended that you first use CHKDSK /r utility. You can also let the setup to sort it out. If in case both the methods fail, then

restore deleted file or lost file

using proficient

AyRecovery Professional

so that you get complete and automated recovery of all your lost data.

AyRecovery Professional

for restoring deleted file provides helpful options to search files filter files and apply settings to the software before starting the data recovery process.

For more info about

data recovery


system recovery

, just click

or send e-mail to for further communication.

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Wedding Reception Game Ideas Centerpiece Events That Can Be A Center Of Attention

By Jennifer Walter

In most cases, the centerpiece should be something very beautiful. For this reason, every guest will wish to take home the centerpiece. There is often a conversation around every table on who will win this prize.

To determine the winner of the centerpiece, it is good to device a contest in which the winner will be given the trophy. If you think of any game, it should be something which every guest will not only take pleasure in, but something which every guest will love to be part and parcel of. Below are some activities that you can use to decide who will take the centerpiece as trophy:

You can device a game in which twenty issues will be put to stake. The guests are given papers and pens and a series of twenty enquiries are asked. Ahead of putting forth these problems, the guests will be highlighted or given a clue on where the answer should lead to. The guests will tender their answers through a yell. It is then left to the person asking the questions to decide if the response is accurate or not. Whoever offers the right reply should be given the centerpiece. This game could be coordinated by an MC or a DJ. Each table is required to come up with an answer and as soon as an answer is offered from a particular table, the person with that answer from the particular table gets the centerpiece and the table is eliminated as well. The game continues for the rest of the tables until all the centerpieces are given away.


Another way to decide who gets the centerpiece is to affix a number to it. The guests will then be given a number. When the centerpiece is decided to be given, the winning number will be called and the guest with that number is given the centerpiece.

You can think of so many methods to give out the centerpiece. You can come up with something unique or extraordinary that will thrill the guestss. It could be something very simple as well as something a bit difficult. It can be a game which will resemble a contest in which whoever does it perfectly and ahead of the others gets the centerpiece. Anything innovative and interesting will be appreciated by the guests.

There are so many options open to you. You can decide to request something extraordinary from the guests. This will be made public and the guest who produces the thing requested for is given the centerpiece. But remember that it should be something that cannot easily be found.

One thing about making the activity of giving away the centerpiece is to make the game easy. Remember that your ultimate aim is that someone should take the centerpiece home. It will be uninteresting if at the end, nobody gets any of the guesses correct. In other cases, you can decide to give a centerpiece to each table. In this case, you will leave the option of who gets it to the members of the table. They should come up with their own criteria on who is winner. But this will be made known to the entire guests.

You can also think of the game of dollar bills. This is one and the same thing like music chairs. But in this game, no chairs are used. Instead, a dollar bill is handed to the guests and the music is started. At some point, the music will be stopped and whoever is found in keeping of that bill when the music stops should be given the centerpiece. You may turn it around by getting rid of the person in keeping of the bill. But remember that this option my take long to get the winner.

Something more special can be decided. You can also find out whose birthday is on that day. The person should be given the centerpiece. The longest married couple may also be given the centerpiece. Just come up with something out of the ordinary.

About the Author: Are you considering taking the wedding party throughout the whole night? If so learn from of the best ideas for a wedding spray from the wedding planning experts at, the free bridal wedding games for receptions.


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Taking Back The Workplace: Workplace Stress Relief Tips

By Scott Goodman

It can be easily argued that today’s world has grown far more complicated. This complication, it can be argued, is due to the high cost of living, global economy, the pressures placed on the family, etc. In addition, the increased expectations of performance and revenue generating have increased the demands in the workplace.

All of this has contributed greatly to the stress that individuals experience in their lives and specifically stress in the workplace. It is important to note that stress can be a significant detriment to the well-being of individuals and families. Therefore, it is critical that stress be relieved.

Specifically, there are certain workplace stress relief tips that can be followed. These specific workplace stress relief tips can be divided into two categories. The first category is through the implementation of practical suggestions and the second category is through a change in attitude.

Practical Suggestions


There are many physical symptoms that are associated with increased levels of stress. Those symptoms include tension headaches, muscle ache, upset stomach, etc. At the first sign of these symptoms it is important to put into practice some practical workplace stress relief tips.

One of those practical tips it is to take a mini stress relieving vacation. First of all, it is important that you are not disturbed. This can be accomplished by hitting the do not disturb button on the phone or turning the phone off. In addition put a do not disturb sign on the door leading into your office.

Once this has been accomplished than simply close your eyes and allow your mind to fix on a favorite vacation spot or dream area that compels you. In addition, concentrate on your breathing. Any thoughts that bombard your mind should be acknowledged and quickly let go. Also, take into account your body and how it is feeling. For example, if you realize that your neck or the muscles of the shoulders are tense release that tension through your breathing.

Finally, focus on a mantra. This mantra can be affirmations of being stress free or can be a mantra that simply calls your mind to dwell on higher thoughts.

A workplace stress relief tip for those individuals who do not have offices is to take a walk. If there is a park nearby or garden area take advantage of the stress relieving power of communing with nature. This action will help to reduce stress through this nature communing process and through exercising.

Attitude Change

An additional workplace stress relief tip is through an attitude change. This can be accomplished by thinking about stress situations differently.

Rather than hanging on to the stress of the day, share your stress with others. This can be done in an enjoyable manner in that a group of people will share their stresses of the day, within reason, and try to out do the others. Often this type of session will end up in laughter as people try to embellish their stressful situations.

Also, another workplace stress relief tip is to try to find the good in every situation. For example, if a co-worker is especially annoying think to yourself about one good quality that they may have. If you can identify that quality reward yourself with an enjoyable treat.

About the Author: If you are looking for some great information about Stress please visit SCott’s website located at:

Wicked Stressed Info


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The Challenges Of Software Outsourcing

Are you looking to outsource your software development needs? You’re not alone – the global software outsourcing market is valued at over [$92.5 billion] But with such a massive industry comes a host of hidden costs and unexpected challenges. Sure, cost reduction is a big motivator for outsourcing, but what about the hurdles you might encounter?

Let’s take a deep dive into the common pitfalls of outsourcing and offer dynamic solutions to help you overcome them. We’ll also show you why offshore development may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Outsourcing vs offshoring

Outsourcing – yes, the operational costs are relatively low, but hiring contractors for one-off projects through third parties can be a headache.

Offshoring is the key to achieving long-term goals with committed staff and highly skilled software engineers. But let’s face it; the cost can be a concern.

The common problems with outsourcing

Quantity over quality

Looking to outsource to save on costs? The trade-off may not always be worth it. With outsourced engineers juggling multiple clients, quality can suffer, and their priorities may not align with yours. The result? A project that only partially reflects your company’s vision or needs.

A lack of control over ‘your’ team

Third-party vendors often hire independent contractors outside your team, making it challenging to oversee their work and communicate with your internal team. Keep your projects on track and maintain communication by choosing a more reliable solution.

Undisclosed and hidden costs

Don’t let hidden expenses sabotage your software outsourcing plans. While outsourcing can save on employment costs, be wary of hidden fees that can impact the quality of your software. Cutting corners with your budget can ultimately result in lower-quality software and missed deadlines.

Data loss and theft

Outsourcing software development can be a double-edged sword. While it can help reduce costs and expand your team’s capabilities, it also poses risks such as data loss, cybersecurity threats, and intellectual property theft. Protecting sensitive data and ensuring that your team has proper security measures is crucial to prevent any breaches.

Cultural differences

When working with an outsourced team, it’s important to remember that they’re temporary workers who may not fully understand your company’s values or way of doing things. Bridging the culture gap between your internal and external teams can be tricky, but it’s important for successful collaboration.

Legal disputes

It’s not always a lack of technical skills that causes disagreements – often, communication issues get in the way. To ensure your software meets contract requirements, your developers need strong English skills to clearly articulate their work’s scope. Don’t overlook the importance of effective communication in software development – it’s crucial for project success.

Why is offshore development different?

Offshoring prioritises team culture over cost, letting your company’s individuality flourish. This model can provide numerous benefits, including access to a larger pool of skilled professionals, lower labour costs, increased flexibility in staffing resources, and the ability to scale up or down as needed. Additionally, offshoring allows your company to focus on the core competencies while leaving other tasks to specialised professionals.

Trustworthy offshore partners like The Scalers are transparent about costs, handle legal and administrative duties, and ensure their culture aligns with yours.With access to top-tier tech specialists, they can manage screening on your behalf and prioritise security with state-of-the-art firewalls, anti-virus and anti-spyware defences, and regular software updates. Don’t settle for less – partner with the right offshore team to take your business to new heights!

Key takeaways to keep in mind:

  1. Offshoring can solve many issues outsourcing can’t
  2. In-house developers are involved in offshoring and work solely for your business
  3. Offshore developers are committed to your company’s success and fully align with your mission and projects
  4. A reliable offshore partner will oversee recruitment with an established method, manage your operations and HR functions, and assist you in expanding

Explore more about software outsourcing challenges

Should You Consider Chicago Fence Repair Or Replacement?

byAlma Abell

Fencing is an excellent addition to any home. Whether you want to make it look better, ensure privacy or keep others outside the perimeter, they’re perfect. However, they won’t last forever, even with proper maintenance, which is why they may need to be repaired or replaced. It’s important to determine when Chicago fence repair is possible and practical.

Small Area/Spot


If just one area of the fencing is broken or rusted, you can choose to do a repair job. Many times, the broken piece can be welded or hammered back into place. Likewise, that one area may be replaced with similar products so that it still looks uniform and does its job.


Primarily, most people who live in Chicago are focused on their budgets. You’ve got a lot of bills and responsibilities, which means that you may not be able to replace the entire thing. While you can choose materials that are less expensive, it may still cost more than repairing it.


Depending on your fencing type, the hinges may start to rust or come away from the material. While you may need to replace them, it’s considered a repairing because you’re not replacing the materials or the entire structure. Sometimes, the hinges can be fixed with new pins or tightened without replacing the entire hinge.


If you notice that the materials seem to lean in or out, the structure isn’t likely to do its job for much longer. Likewise, it may look shabby, which could attract animals and intruders. Many times, it is simple to repair such a problem, though if it sags all the way around, a replacement may be necessary.

Chicago fence repair can be a cost-effective way to fix the problem without having to get new fencing. Visit Top Line Fence now to learn more or request a free quote.