More US recalls: Fish pool toy rips fingernail off child, numerous toys with excessive lead

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled more products over the last few days, though not all because of excessive lead.

While American toy companies have been rocked in the last few months by numerous unsafe Chinese-made products, mostly due to excessive amounts of lead in paint, a few of the latest recalls were actually due to design flaws.

Also recently recalled are sunglasses and toy cars from the Dollar General chain of price-point retailers.

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David Fitzgerald Reviews Answers

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Bloc Québécois raise concern over remark made by hockey player

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Team Canada and Phoenix Coyotes hockey captain Shane Doan says he’ll quit his position after the Bloc Québécois political party raised some concern over an “ethnic remark” he made two years ago.

A motion demanding officials from Hockey Canada and Sport Canada to appear before a House of Commons Committee on Thursday, was supported by the Conservatives, the Liberals, the NDP, and the Bloc Québécois.

“Sports Canada has certain objectives, and that includes reflecting what they call the Canadian reality,” said Bloc Québécois leader Gilles Duceppe. “The government has just cut lots of money from community groups under the pretext that they didn’t share the government’s priorities. “Hockey Canada receives (public) money, right? We have a right to ask questions.”

The National Hockey League (NHL) defends his remark made in 2005 against French-Canadian Hockey referee Stephane Auger.

According to a statement by NHL Linesman Michel Cormier, the game was a December 15, 2005 game which had the Phoenix Coyotes vs. Montreal Canadiens, it had four French-Canadian referees. He recalls himself, after the second period, skating to the Coyotes bench.

“While skating alongside me while I was headed toward my room, that’s when [Doan] said the words, ‘Fucking Frenchman, did a good job,’ and he skated away,” said Cormier recalling the event. “We were side by side.”

Doan, who has “strong Christian values”, says he did, indeed, make a remark about the four referees but denies any bad language.

Doan, who agreed to a $22.75-million five year contract with the Coyotes, says he was trying to calm down goaltender Curtis Joseph, who was angered that the Montreal Canadiens did not get a penalty. Doan says his real comment was: “Four French referees in Montreal, Cuje, figure it out.”

In January 2006, he launched a $250,000 lawsuit against former Minister of Sport and Liberal MP Denis Coderre for “falsely” accusing him of making the remark. Coderre, last year, demanded Doan be asked to not join Team Canada in the 2006 Turin Olympics. On April 2, 2007, Coderre filed a defamation lawsuit against Doan seeking $45,000 in damages.

“I take huge pride in playing for my country, I take huge pride in representing everybody,” Doan said. “For them to question me, being the captain, is incredibly disappointing. For someone to…say that I’m a bad role model, I’d rather have you call me the worst hockey player in the world and I don’t deserve to be on the team, anything like that, but don’t question my character,” he said. “I don’t understand how someone can attack when I’ve been cleared by the NHL, I never said it, yet they can just throw it out in the House of Commons.”

Just today, Doan scored the game-winning goal in a 4-2 preliminary round victory over Norway at the Men’s World Hockey Championship in Moscow, Russia.

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Efficient Los Angeles Airport Transportation Alternative


Los Angeles International Airport is one of the most high traffic, active airports in the world. Hundreds of flights are arriving and departing every day. One can only image the amount of people coming in and out of the airport.

Arriving at Los Angeles airport is one thing, but finding transportation is a whole different story. Los Angeles Airport Transportation is frequently a hassle for travels who are not very familiar with the airport and terminals. Most people find themselves already defeated when it comes to thinking about traveling to the airport to catch their flights. The hassle of finding a friend or family member to drive you to the airport will surely drive you insane before you even board you flight. Choosing a Yellow Cab as an alternative choice of Los Angeles Airport Transportation will help lift some of the stress of traveling off your shoulders.

Leave it to the cab drivers to get you to the airport, the only thing you have to worry about is checking in and boarding your flight. Having one less thing to worry about will assist in make sure your time traveling runs as smoothly as possible.

Using Los Angeles Airport Transportation services such as Yellow Cabs offers travelers a reliable source of transportation to ensure they are on time for their flight. Drivers are reliable and know the area well so you do not have to worry about getting lost or being dropped off at the wrong terminal for a departing flight. You can expect the same type of service if you are arriving and need to be transported to where you will be staying in the city. Reliable, fast and convenient service is important and that is what you can count on when choosing to use any of the Los Angeles Airport Transportation services offered. This is a great alternative to burdening one of your relatives to come and pick you up or drop you off to the airport.

Using a yellow cab will benefit you as a traveler because they are trustworthy and run on your schedule. Reliable service is always the drivers priority and you can trust you will be on time for your flight.

Copiapó, Chile mining accident: in depth

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The rescue of the Chilean miners trapped in the San José Mine in Copiapó, codenamed Operación San Lorenzo (San Lorenzo Operation), began on Tuesday night, at around 20:00 local time (23:00 UTC).

Florencio Ávalos was the first miner to be rescued, at 00:12 local time (03:12 UTC) on Wednesday. He was wearing a shirt signed by all his fellow miners. “The first miner is already with us. We saw it all, him hugging his wife Monica and his son Byron,” said President Piñera shortly after the first rescue. “We still have a long journey.”

“This will be recorded on every single Chilean heart forever,” Piñera added. “I hope the miners’ hope stay with us, just like the [February] earthquake victims’ [hope] and what the earthquake took off. We know that the disasters unite us all.”

All the 33 miners were rescued. The last miner, Luis Urzúa, was rescued at 21:55 Chile time (00:55 UTC). “It is a pleasure to be Chilean, [I’m] proud,” said Luis Urzúa to President Piñera. “In honour of the miners, their families, the rescuers […] let’s sing our national anthem. Viva Chile Mierda!,” said Piñera. Urzúa thanked Mining Minister Golborne and the First Lady Cecilia Morel for “fighting for their lives.” “I’m proud of my fellow miners,” Urzúa added.

Six rescuers, including a miner and a paramedic, descended to the miners’ shelter using the Fénix 3 capsule which was specially constructed for the rescue. They performed check-ups and talk with the miners before taking them back to the surface. The rescuers still don’t leave the mine.

The Fénix 3 capsules are 3.95 metres in height and weigh about 460 kilograms. They have an armour, an oxygen tube and a microphone. The occupants helmets contain an intercom to keep them in contact with the rescue team on the surface.

President of Chile Piñera assisted to the rescue. Bolivian President Evo Morales could not attend Carlos Mamani’s rescue. Mamani is the only Bolivian miner in the group.

A mass for the miners was conducted at 18:00 local time (21:00 UTC). The rescue takes between 15 and 20 minutes for each miner.

On Tuesday, Mayor of Copiapó Maglio Cicardini announced that the municipal schools in the city will have no classes this Wednesday “to transform the rescue of the Atacama’s 33 in a familiar meeting,” Radio Cooperativa reported.

“The miners will be taken to the Copiapó Regional Hospital for medical checkup, where they will have to stay for 48 hours,” Health Minister Mañalich said to Televisión Nacional de Chile.

Celebrations are taking place in several Chilean cities. In Santiago de Chile, people gathered in one of the most important points of the city, Plaza Italia. In Pichilemu, tens of cars are passing over its most important streets. In Copiapó, people gathered in its main square to assist a massive concert.

On August 5, 33 miners were trapped more than 700 meters (2,300 ft) underground, in the San José copper–gold mine, located about 40 kilometers north of Copiapó, Chile.

The youngest trapped miner is 19 years old, and the oldest is 63. There were several rescue attempts before reaching the miners’ shelter on August 22. The National Emergencies Office of Chile (ONEMI) released a list of the trapped miners on August 6, which included Franklin Lobos Ramírez, a retired footballer.

Chile is the worlds top producer of copper, according to The Economist. The San José Mine is owned by the San Esteban Mining Company (Empresa Minera San Esteban). The mine was closed down in 2007, after relatives of a miner who had died sued the company executives, but the mine was re–opened in 2008.

It was originally estimated that “it would take three to four months to complete the rescue of the trapped miners”. There were three plans to reach the miners: “Plan A” using a Strata 950 drill, “Plan B” using a Schramm T130XD drill, and “Plan C” using a RIG-422 drill. The first to reach the miners was “Plan B”, early on Saturday 9.

The last step of their rescue, announced by Health Minister Jaime Mañalich, was originally due to begin on Tuesday. Laurence Golborne, Minery Minister said “If it is possible, and the cement sets before and we don’t have any impediments to doing it, it would be wonderful,” in a press conference on Monday. The men will be extracted in a steel rescue capsule 54 cm (21 inches) in diameter.

On September 4, Chilean filmmaker Rodrigo Ortúzar announced plans to film a movie about the accident, called “Los 33” (“The 33”). The film will be released in 2011.

One miner is Bolivian, and the other 32 are Chilean.

Raúl Bustos, 40 years old, is an hydraulics engineer. He left his job in Talcahuano after the February 27 earthquake to work in the mine.

Daniel Herrera, 27 years old, is a lorry driver. He has acted as paramedic assistant in the mine. He said to La Tercera “the miners were unhappy with the psychologist in the rescue team.”

Claudio Acuña, miner, is fan of the Colo-Colo football club. The BBC reports he is aged 56, but El Comercio says he is 44.

Pedro Cortez is aged 24. He joined the mine with his friend Carlos Bugueño. Cortez is an electrician, and lost a finger in the mine a year ago.

File:Juan Aguilar with President Piñera.jpg

A native of Los Lagos, Juan Aguilar is 49 years old. Aguilar is married to Cristy Coronado, according to El Comercio. Aguilar works as a supervisor.

Mario Sepúlveda is a 39 years old electrician native of Parral; he is married. He has been the spokesman of the most of the miners’ videos. Mario Sepúlveda was the second miner to be rescued, on Wednesday at 01:10 local time (04:10 UTC).

Víctor Zamora is a 33 years old auto mechanic. Zamora is married to Jéssica Cortez, who confirmed she was pregnant while he was in the mine.

Osman Araya is 30 years old, and married. He began working as miner four months before the accident.

Florencio Ávalos is 31 years old. He is the brother of Renán Ávalos, who is also trapped in the mine. He worked as driver in San José. Ávalos filmed videos, sent later to his relatives.

Ávalos was the first miner to be rescued, on Wednesday at 00:10 local time (03:10 UTC).

Jorge Galleguillos, 56 years old, has worked all his life in the mine. He said in one video he was feeling unwell; he takes medication for hypertension.

Carlos Barrios is a 27 years old miner. His father, Antenor Barrios, told Agence France-Presse: “I find he’s very strong and has enthusiasm. He spoke loud and clear. I was excited.”

Franklin Lobos Ramírez is a 53 years old retired footballer. He played for Cobresal, Deportes Antofagasta, Club de Deportes Santiago Wanderers and Unión La Calera, and briefly for the Chile national football team. Lobos had worked as a truck driver in the mine.

Yonni Barrios, called “The Doctor”, is a 50 years old electrician. He has knowledge of first aid, and was given responsibility for monitoring the health of his colleagues. “I felt I was in hell,” Barrios said in a letter to his wife.

Carlos Bugueño, 27 years old, joined the mine with Pedro Cortez. Previously, he worked as a watchman.

Alex Vega Salazar is a 31 years old heavy machinery mechanic. He is married to Jessica Salgado, and celebrated his birthday in the mine on September 22.

Ariel Ticona is a 29 years old miner. His wife, Margarita gave birth to his daughter on September 14. She was named Esperanza (Hope), at Ticona’s request.

Richard Villarroel is a 27 years old mechanic from Coyhaique.

Edison Peña is a 34 years old miner. “I want to go out soon,” he said on his first contact with his relatives. “I want to be free, I want to see the sun,” he added. He is a fan of Elvis Presley.

Claudio Yáñez is 34 years old, and works as drill operator.

José Ojeda, 46 years old, is the master driller. Ojeda is widowed and diabetic.

Luis Urzúa is a 54 year old topographer. He is the shift-leader, and was the first miner to talk with authorities. He is known as Don Lucho among the miners. He draw plans of the area of the mine where they are trapped.

Urzúa will be the last miner to leave the mine.

José Henríquez is a 54 years old drill master. He is also an evangelical preacher, and has worked in mines for 33 years.

Víctor Segovia is a 48 years old electrician. He is in charge of writing down everything that happens in the mine.

Pablo Rojas is a 45 years old explosives loader. Married, he had been working less than six months in the mine.

Juan Illanes is a 51 year old miner. He was a sergeant in the Beagle border conflict between Chile and Argentina in 1978, the incident which almost provoked a war between the countries.

Illanes was rescued on Wednesday, at 02:07 local time (05:07 UTC).

Jimmy Sánchez, 19, is the youngest miner. He had been working in the mine for five months before the accident. His role is to check the temperature and humidity in the mine.

Samuel Ávalos is a 43 years miner. His wife Ruth said “he was addicted to the cocaine.” His role in the rescue is to check air quality in the area the miners are living. According to the BBC, “Ávalos has worked in the mine for five months.”

Mario Gómez, aged 63, is the oldest of the miners. He has worked 51 years as miner. His father was also a miner, and is nicknamed “El Navegao” (“The Sailed One”). He was thinking of retiring in November.

Gómez also wrote the message “Estamos bien en el refugio los 33” (“We are fine in the shelter the 33 [of us]”).

Segovia is 48 years old. He is married to Jessica Chille, who said “To hear his voice was a confort to my heart,” after talking with him for the first time in 24 days. His sister María, was nicknamed “La Alcaldesa” (“The Mayoress”) for her leading role at Campamento Esperanza. His father, Darío Senior, was trapped in a mine for a week, and suffered serious injuries after two other mining accidents, according to the BBC.

Carlos Mamani is a 23 years old heavy equipment operator. He is also the only non-Chilean miner; Mamani is Bolivian. He began working in the mine just five days before the accident.

He was rescued at 03:11 local time (06:11 UTC) on Wednesday.

Renán Ávalos is a 29 years old miner, single, who had been working for five months in the mine before the accident. Florencio Ávalos is his brother.

Omar Reygadas is a 56 year old electrician. He began working in the mine shortly before the accident.

Esteban Rojas is a 44 years old miner. Rojas is married to Jessica Yáñez.

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Toothpaste fills cavities without drilling

Thursday, February 24, 2005

A paste containing synthetic tooth enamel can seal small cavities without drilling. Kazue Yamagishi and colleagues at the FAP Dental Institute in Tokyo say that the paste can repair small cavities in 15 minutes.

Currently, fillers don’t stick to such small cavities so dentists must drill bigger holes. Hydroxyapatite crystals, of which natural enamel is made, bond with teeth to repair tiny areas of damage.

Yamagishi and colleagues have tested their paste on a lower premolar tooth that showed early signs of decay. They found that the synthetic enamel merged with the natural enamel. The synthetic enamel also appears to make teeth stronger which will improve resistance to future decay. As with drilling, however, there is still the potential for pain: The paste is strongly acidic to encourage crystal growth and causes inflammation if it touches the gums.

The paste is reported in the journal Nature.

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Wikinews interviews World Wide Web co-inventor Robert Cailliau

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The name Robert Cailliau may not ring a bell to the general public, but his invention is the reason why you are reading this: Dr. Cailliau together with his colleague Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, making the internet accessible so it could grow from an academic tool to a mass communication medium. Last January Dr. Cailliau retired from CERN, the European particle physics lab where the WWW emerged.

Wikinews offered the engineer a virtual beer from his native country Belgium, and conducted an e-mail interview with him (which started about three weeks ago) about the history and the future of the web and his life and work.

Wikinews: At the start of this interview, we would like to offer you a fresh pint on a terrace, but since this is an e-mail interview, we will limit ourselves to a virtual beer, which you can enjoy here.

Robert Cailliau: Yes, I myself once (at the 2nd international WWW Conference, Chicago) said that there is no such thing as a virtual beer: people will still want to sit together. Anyway, here we go.

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Understanding All Aspects Of Your Realtor’s Qualifications

Submitted by: Darrell Self

It is a common misperception that realtors simply decide to become realtors — that perhaps they are trained more or less through the apprentice method, shadowing and learning from a “elder” in the field before going out on their own. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

First, individuals entering the field of real estate must take a course approved in their state to qualify for a real estate license. In Texas this involves more than 200 hours of in-class instruction in legal fundamentals, contracts, mathematics, property management, appraisals, and a host of related topics.

Once licensed, there are a variety of professional designations and certifications a realtor may earn. The vast majority of realtors avail themselves of this advanced training and coursework. In addition, all local realtor’s associations provide continuing education courses to keep their members abreast of changes in the law, in property transaction procedures, and other topics pertinent to their daily work with both buyers and sellers. MCE or mandatory continuing education is required (as the name implies) to continue to maintain one’s state real estate license.

If you see letters behind a realtors name, but have no idea what they mean, some of the most common include (but are not limited to):

** Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) **

In order for a realtor to earn the ABR designation, they must complete a two-day Real Estate Buyer’s Agents Council (REBAC) core course, the REBAC web-based course, instruction delivered via satellite television, and an elective. After passing a written exam, the candidate must also prove they have fulfilled the practical experience requirements and are a member in good standing of REBAC and of the National Association of REALTORS.

** Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) **

YouTube Preview Image

Fewer than 4 percent of realtors earn this certification, which is the highest that can be obtained by a sales associate. It has been in existence since 1977 and is based on a set of exacting requirements, including the completion of 75 transactions over a five-year period or the amassing of $25,000,000 in sales in five years.

** Graduate, Realtor Institute (GRI) **

Realtors who work in the field of residential real estate can earn this designation. It represents a particularly substantial education program of 90 hours of course work on a range of topics from real estate law to marketing and property servicing.

** e-Pro Internet Professional **

This designation was created to help real estate professionals stay abreast of the rapidly changing technology applicable to their field. e-Pro certified realtors have learned out to best make use of an online presence, effectively work with email communication, create web-based marketing strategies, and handle such tools as PDAs, smart phones, and digital cameras.

** Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) **

Realtors with the SRES designation have received special training in working with clients age 50 years and older. They have targeted training in retirement income considerations effecting financing and the fine points of housing options in age-restricted and other special communities. They are also schooled in reverse mortgages, 401k accounts, pensions, and IRAs and the implications of all transactions as they relate to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security benefits.

** Understand All Aspects of Your Realtor’s Qualifications **

Because your home may be listed for months or you may need that length of time to find just the right property to buy, you are entering into an intimate business relationship when you select a realtor. Most people choose a real estate professional based on word of mouth, which is a valid source. A good recommendation from someone who has worked with the realtor and enjoyed a good experience is worth its weight in gold.

At the same time, the more you understand your realtor’s qualifications, the more you will trust their advice and guidance in both buying and selling property. Never hesitate to ask your realtor for:

– References. If one word-of-mouth recommendation is good, several are better and will give you even more peace of mind.

– Properties bought and sold. You’ll want to know the kinds of properties with which your realtor has worked on each side of the transaction. This will also give you a sense of the parts of the community in which they have worked most extensively.

– Resume. This should not only include professional job affiliations, but also certifications and designations earned. If you don’t understand what those items mean, ask or go online and do some research.

Additionally, you may want to read a copy of the National Association of REALTORS Code of Ethics, a document adopted in 1913 and to which all professional realtors are bound. The important thing for you to understand is that you are working with an educated real estate professional who adheres to a code of behavior that emphasizes honesty and responsibility.

While all realtors will likely point to a mentor who “showed them the ropes” and helped them to learn the daily ins and outs of the business, real estate is not an apprentice-based business

nor is it one that can be entered into on a whim without proper training.


is a registered trademark of the National Association of Realtors.

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British fashion designer Alexander McQueen found dead at age 40

Friday, February 12, 2010

British fashion designer Alexander McQueen has died at the age of 40. He was found dead inside his residence in London, England yesterday.

The Metropolitan Police said they are not treating the death as suspicious. A spokesperson for the police force said, “[w]e were called by London Ambulance Service at about 10.20am this morning to reports of a man found dead at an address in Green Street, W1. He is believed to be 40 years old and from London. Next of kin have been informed, however we await formal identification before releasing the name of the deceased.” According to reports, McQueen committed suicide by hanging, however this has not been confirmed.

Between the years of 1996 and 2003, McQueen received Fashion Designer of the Year four times. He was also given a CBE by Queen Elizabeth II in 2003. The fashion designer had a new selection of clothing, entitled “McQ”, that was expected to be shown on Thursday; the show has now been cancelled. Alexander’s mother Joyce died earlier this month. In response to this, McQueen placed a message on his Twitter page which said “RIP mumxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.” Isabella Blow, who assisted in making McQueen famous, killed herself in 2007.

Yesterday, a statement was released from McQueen’s company headquarters stating “On behalf of Lee McQueen’s family, Alexander McQueen today announces the tragic news that Lee McQueen, the founder and designer of the Alexander McQueen brand, has been found dead at his home. At this stage it is inappropriate to comment on this tragic news beyond saying that we are devastated and are sharing a sense of shock and grief with Lee’s family. Lee’s family has asked for privacy in order to come to terms with this terrible news and we hope the media will respect this.”

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