Fifteen dead in Mexican car wash shooting

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fifteen people were shot dead on Wednesday in the western Mexican state of Nayarit. The attack occurred in a car wash in the city of Tepic, and, according to the state attorney general, was the work of a drug cartel. All 15 killed were workers at the Gamboa car wash.

“The workers were all men; they were washing cars when the gunmen, probably members of organized crime, drove up in SUVs and started opening fire,” a spokesman for the state attorney general said on Wednesday. Pictures of the scene show bodies on the roadside with blood pooling at their heads.

The massacre, which was just blocks away from federal offices, resulted in the closure of schools and businesses in the area. It is not yet clear what the motive was behind the attack, although men who work at Mexican car washes are often spies for drug gangs.

This slaying is the third major murder in six days. On Friday, cartels killed fourteen people and wounded a nine year-old boy in Ciudad Juarez, a major battleground for fighting drug cartels. Two days later, hit men killed another 14 people in Tijuana. Both cities are major cities on the United States border; however, Nayarit is a quiet resort state that has largely been free of drug violence until now.

Buying a property in Greater Noida

Greater Noida is a well-known and fast populating planned township in the National Capital Region. The real estate in Greater Noida has seen phenomenal change in the past few years. Investors and buyers are increasingly buying property in Greater Noida for investment and self-use purposes. Since Greater Noida is adjacent to Noida, it can take leverage of its location. Since Noida is a commercial and IT hub with many companies setting shop here, demand for properties in Greater Noida has also risen. All the population influx taking place towards Noida is being catered to by Greater Noida too.

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The property market in the NCR region has flourished a lot in the past few years. When Delhi got overcrowded and the real estate rates reached unaffordable heights, people looked out for areas that could offer affordable living spaces. At this juncture, areas like Greater Noida came into great prominence. Greater Noida not only offers great residential and commercial real estate options but its advantage is that it is close to Delhi and adjacent to Noida.

Builders and property developers took notice of the rising demand in the area quite early and invested in real estate here at the right time. All major builders have their townships coming up in Greater Noida. A lot of commercial activity is also taking place in Greater Noida with campuses of many big companies being set. With such fast development happening here, it has shed the tag of an old city and is coming up as a modern city that holds promise of a world-class lifestyle. A lot of infrastructure development is also taking place in the area.

Because of all these reasons, property market in Greater Noida is flourishing at an unprecedented pace. Both residential property and commercial property are growing with a rocket speed. Even then, the demand is outstripping the supply leading to an increase in rental and property prices. Another reason that has led to rising property prices in greater Noida is its pollution-free environment. The authorities do not allow polluting industries to set their establishments in Graeter Noida. There are dedicated laboratories for measuring the air quality and ensuring that it is pollution free. Thus, it offers green spaces to live.

Since a lot of high-end users are choosing to stay in Greater Noida because of its strategic location, quality constructions are coming up in the residential market of Greater Noida. The improving infrastructure like wide roads, proper underground cabling and excellent drainage system has added to the value of properties in Greater Noida. There are also a number of shopping avenues boasting of world class brands and excellent services tha make Greater Noida an attractive destination for investors.

The escalating prices in Greater Noida have made it a golden investment option for investors. Property rates in Greater Noida range between Rs 2,400-2,800 per sq ft m. In the adjacent Noida, the rate of built up property is no less than Rs. 3.500 per sq ft. Land rates in Greater Noida hang between Rs 16,000 – 22,000 per sq m as against Rs 35,000 – 65,000 per sq m in Noida. Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta are the premium and well-settled sectors in Greater Noida have the going rates for land between Rs 16,000 – Rs 18,000. After these sectors come P3 and Swarna Nagri. In these sectors, the property prices are slightly high.

For commercial establishments, Greater Noida offers attractive value proposition. The IT and the ITES sector have set foot here. These sectors are driving the office market in Greater Noida and account for a major portion of the over all office absorption.

Greater Noida has upped its investment quotient as its connectivity is improving. There are plans to build an international airport in Greater Noida and also connect it by Metro Railway. Then there is Taj Expressway, which is an extension of the 6 lane Expressway from Noida to Greater Noida upto Agra. The Taj Expressway provides direct access to the Taj Economic Zone, International Airport and the Aviation hub coming up along the expressway. Also, there are plans to develop a Night Safari in the city to create awareness about environment & ecology. This will also provide a source for recreation to residents and to boost tourism in Greater Noida. All this will further augment Greater Noida as a premier tourist destination.

Thus, for all those looking to invest in the NCR region, Greater Noida is a good and viable option. It offers world-class living at affordable prices. Properties in Greater Noida are fast developing. Commercial land as well as private land is selling like hot cakes in Greater Noida. The authorities are also taking care that it develops as a planned township and attracts buyers for self-use properties and investment options.

Geetika jain writes on behalf of, which is an internet portal dedicated to meet every aspect of the consumers needs in the real estate industry. It is a forum where buyers, sellers and brokers can exchange information, quickly, effectively and inexpensively. At 99 acres, you can advertise a property, search for a property, browse through Greater Noida Real Estate and Properties.

Psychology Continuing Education: Beyond Graduation

For a psychologist, the learning doesn’t stop when you walk away with the degree in hand. In fact, in any field of science, learning is a lifetime experience. Not only because there is such a wealth of knowledge already out there, but also because new research changes the game on an every-day basis. When it comes to psychology, continuing education is more than a requirement for continued licensing; it is a necessity to be the best possible practitioner and therapist you can be.

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In psychology, continuing education is often best applied by doing in on a regular basis. Never stop learning, a wise man once said. And that is usually the best approach. Not everything has to be from an accredited institution. By studying on a regular basis and setting time aside to further your knowledge of a given subject, you will be constantly adding to your own understanding of a concept. This is invaluable as you attempt to utilize and implement that information into your own unique brand of therapy. They say that no two therapists will give the exact same advice to a patient. This is true because we each bring our own set of sensibilities and experiences to every situation. But knowing what other therapists are doing will only strengthen your own practice.

Psychology continuing education is a requirement in many states, of course. And where it isn’t a requirement for continued licensure, it may be required by your particular employer. When it comes to obtaining CEUs, you need to make sure the institution providing the coursework is approved by the state and that the credits you earn will count towards your renewal. The bar for these CEUs is typically not very high. In many states, the requirement is only twenty coursework hours every two years. The bar associations understand that a psychologist is often a very busy individual and does not want to burden them with unrealistic levels of work. The state may also require a certain number of hours be towards a specific subject, such as ethics or drug abuse.

Today, you have a number of options when it comes to psychology continuing education. Online courses are available in nearly every subject and sub-subject you can imagine. DVD courses are available from the APA and other learning institutions. Seminars and weekend workshops are given around the country for those who prefer to learn while surrounded by other intellectuals. Find your preferred method of learning and amassing those credits will be that much easier.

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Viable Modes of Transport for Students to use in Exeter

Exeter is the dream city for many offering cost-effective living options with ready access to viable modes of public transport having a network of local buses operating in and outside the city, the train services with direct links to Devon region and scheduled flights outside Exeter.

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Exeter is a Cathedral city located on the River Exe, having an invigorating Roman history and is the best choice with international students thronging the city’s top universities each year. It is a city that offers a range of convenient living options in the form of purpose-built student accommodation and also viable modes of easy transport facilities available for students at large. This particularly helps to save money on the commute and also spare ample amount of time to study and explore the city in leisure. The public transport facilities for students consists of the city bus services, the train network, and the air routes to regions outside the city. International students are benefited as there are a lot of local and regional air services accessible from the city of Exeter.

Bus Service Exeter
All affordable student accommodation Exeter is situated near accessible bus transport with the main operations of local buses that are headed by Stagecoach South West bus operator that covers most of the city operations. Additionally, there are other services like Dartline, a minor operator in the city and the First Devon and Cornwall and Plymouth Citybus services. Prior to this, the Western Greyhound was the main operator that connected Exeter to Cornwall, Somerset, and many different places in South West England. The main hub that students can check out for easy commute is the ‘The High Street’, a pedestrianized region with express and country services. Such services operate from the city’s bus station in ‘Paris Street’ intersecting The High Street from the eastern end. The services are therefore accessible from The High Street area as well. The Country bus services are highly beneficial and very cost-effective for international students with easy connectivity to places in the eastern side and also to the North Devon region. For longer distance travel students can take services to Heathrow and London.

Train Network
The main rail hub that operates in Exeter are within the south-west and conveniently links most of the branch lines in Devon, including to Paignton, Exmouth, Barnstaple and Okehampton as part of a special service. This is the direct link established from Devon to Exeter which is accessed from the St Davids station. The city is also served by three main railway stations- St Davids Exeter, Exeter Central, and Exeter St Thomas. All the major train routes are served by Exeter St Davids train station, while Exeter Central as the name says for itself, serves the city centre. Likewise, the third train station -Exeter St Thomas, serves the western side of the city. Student settled in accommodation across the suburban areas can take trains from six suburban stations, namely- Topsham, St James Park, Polsloe Bridge, Pinhoe, Digby & Sowton, and Newcourt, served only by local services.

Scheduled Flights
The Exeter Airport that lies east of the city, operates the local airline services, known as Flybe
(previously called Jersey European and British European). Exeter is also the base city for Thomson Airways with flights bound for Lanzarote, Faro, Mallorca, and many more. There is a range of scheduled flights to British and Irish regional airports, including charter flights outside the city.

These aforementioned public transport facilities make daily commute quite effortless and less time-consuming. Those living in student accommodation Exeter can be on time for their lectures with ready access to city bus services, train servicesArticle Search, and scheduled flights.

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Benefits Of Buying Pom Pom

By Anthony Lee- Young

At its basic level, a pom pom is merely a ball of decorative fluff. Pom poms come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and varieties. Depending on its purpose, it can be made from materials including paper, fabric, plastic, and even feathers. The term pom pom is derived from the French term pompon. It is used to describe the ornamental spheres of decorative soft materials. The most popular use of pom pom is for cheerleading. Though cheerleading may not necessarily to be most common use of this item, it is certainly widely recognized.

Pom poms are quite popular for cheerleaders because it attracts the attention of the crowd, distracts the opposing team, adds sparkle to cheering, and emphasizes movements. In most cases, this item is used in pairs, one on each hand. This requires a very particular choreography on the part of the cheerleaders. Recently, the metallic-colored pom pom has become popular because of its sparkling color and cost-effectiveness. It is also interesting to note that manufacturers are producing pom pom with handles.

Other Uses of Pom Pom


Throughout the United States and many different parts of the world, pom poms are also being waved by the crowd. For example, if you see high school and college sporting events, you will see some fans waving these materials in the sidelines. Dance schools around the country are also adding pom pom to their routine because it adds dazzle to their movements

While the larger pom poms are used in cheerleading and sporting events, the smaller-sized ones are used to decorate the home and clothing. The materials used in the pom pom for home and clothing tend to be made of fabrics. Right now, Australian really girls are starting to fall in love with pom poms as well. When they see the beautiful, colourful, and fluffy materials, they inevitably want one for themselves too.

Their parents are quite happy with their preoccupation. After all, watching their children dance and cavort looks cute and adorable. Singing and dancing with pom poms on each hand is also a lot healthier than watching television the whole day.

Influence of Mass Media

One of the most influential shows that made pom pom popular among Australian girls is the High School Musical. Here, the pom pom not only symbolizes cheerleading as an art, it also represented happy times and good memories. It is not surprising that pom poms with different colours and shades are making their way to countless Australian residences. Red, white, and metallic coloured balls are quite popular. But pink is still the favorite colour among the younger girls.

Pom pom is now more popular than ever. If you re wondering what to give your child as a gift, consider giving her pom poms in her favorite color. It is affordable, attractive, and most of all, she will like it. Without even knowing it, you are not only giving your child what she wants, you are also helping her get fit.

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BDSM as business: An interview with the owners of a dungeon

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Torture proliferates American headlines today: whether its use is defensible in certain contexts and the morality of the practice. Wikinews reporter David Shankbone was curious about torture in American popular culture. This is the first of a two part series examining the BDSM business. This interview focuses on the owners of a dungeon, what they charge, what the clients are like and how they handle their needs.

When Shankbone rings the bell of “HC & Co.” he has no idea what to expect. A BDSM (Bondage Discipline Sadism Masochism) dungeon is a legal enterprise in New York City, and there are more than a few businesses that cater to a clientèle that wants an enema, a spanking, to be dressed like a baby or to wear women’s clothing. Shankbone went to find out what these businesses are like, who runs them, who works at them, and who frequents them. He spent three hours one night in what is considered one of the more upscale establishments in Manhattan, Rebecca’s Hidden Chamber, where according to The Village Voice, “you can take your girlfriend or wife, and have them treated with respect—unless they hope to be treated with something other than respect!”

When Shankbone arrived on the sixth floor of a midtown office building, the elevator opened up to a hallway where a smiling Rebecca greeted him. She is a beautiful forty-ish Long Island mother of three who is dressed in smart black pants and a black turtleneck that reaches up to her blond-streaked hair pulled back in a bushy ponytail. “Are you David Shankbone? We’re so excited to meet you!” she says, and leads him down the hall to a living room area with a sofa, a television playing an action-thriller, an open supply cabinet stocked with enema kits, and her husband Bill sitting at the computer trying to find where the re-release of Blade Runner is playing at the local theater. “I don’t like that movie,” says Rebecca.

Perhaps the most poignant moment came at the end of the night when Shankbone was waiting to be escorted out (to avoid running into a client). Rebecca came into the room and sat on the sofa. “You know, a lot of people out there would like to see me burn for what I do,” she says. Rebecca is a woman who has faced challenges in her life, and dealt with them the best she could given her circumstances. She sees herself as providing a service to people who have needs, no matter how debauched the outside world deems them. They sat talking mutual challenges they have faced and politics (she’s supporting Hillary); Rebecca reflected upon the irony that many of the people who supported the torture at Abu Ghraib would want her closed down. It was in this conversation that Shankbone saw that humanity can be found anywhere, including in places that appear on the surface to cater to the inhumanity some people in our society feel towards themselves, or others.

“The best way to describe it,” says Bill, “is if you had a kink, and you had a wife and you had two kids, and every time you had sex with your wife it just didn’t hit the nail on the head. What would you do about it? How would you handle it? You might go through life feeling unfulfilled. Or you might say, ‘No, my kink is I really need to dress in women’s clothing.’ We’re that outlet. We’re not the evil devil out here, plucking people off the street, keeping them chained up for days on end.”

Below is David Shankbone’s interview with Bill & Rebecca, owners of Rebecca’s Hidden Chamber, a BDSM dungeon.


  • 1 Meet Bill & Rebecca, owners of a BDSM dungeon
    • 1.1 Their home life
  • 2 Operating the business
    • 2.1 The costs
    • 2.2 Hiring employees
    • 2.3 The prices
  • 3 The clients
    • 3.1 What happens when a client walks through the door
    • 3.2 Motivations of the clients
    • 3.3 Typical requests
    • 3.4 What is not typical
  • 4 The environment
    • 4.1 Is an S&M dungeon dangerous?
    • 4.2 On S&M burnout
  • 5 Criticism of BDSM
  • 6 Related news
  • 7 External links
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Ten April Fool’s pranks of 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009

April Fools’ Day pranks harmlessly pervaded worldwide again this year. Media outlets and internet sites have joined family, office workers, and friends to provide a wide variety of practical jokes. Ireland, France, and the United States celebrate April Fools all day, whereas a few countries celebrate jokes only until noon such as the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and South Africa.

Car and Driver claimed that GM and Chrysler were ordered out of NASCAR by the White House by the end of 2009 in order to receive any more government loans. There are press releases about this short-lived prank which received controversial feedback.

The Swiss Tourism Board has announced that volunteers were desperately needed, The Association of Mountain Cleaners “makes sure that our holiday guests can always enjoy perfect mountains. Using brooms, brushes, water and muscle power, they clean the rocks of any bird droppings.”

This year Gmail produced a new autopilot feature for April 1, 2009 which can read your email and automatically respond to every message.

What was your favourite April Fool’s gag? Submit the best you heard of.
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BMW released its new Magnetic Tow Technology which allows your BMW to magnetically attach to the vehicle ahead of you. This enhanced technology allows the driver to remove their foot from the gas pedal and turn off the motor.

The Guardian proposed its move to Twitter, which would allow the newspaper to fit its article content into 140 character messages or “tweets”. Included in this venture was the archiving of past events reported by The Guardian, such as, “1927 OMG first successful transatlantic air flight wow, pretty cool! Boring day otherwise *sigh*”

Google’s technological break through for April Fool’s Day was CADIE, (Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity). By extracting internet search patterns combined with Brain Search, a part of CADIE technology, Google can now search your thoughts and memories.

Wikipedia even fooled Fox News who claimed that “every item on the home page of the user-generated site Wikipedia is fake. The featured Wikipedia article regaled the “Museum of Bad Art” in Boston.” However, each item on the main page was based on reality — even news articles such as NASA reports a shower of diamonds over the Republic of Sudan, which was based on a meteorite which passed over Sudan whose fragments did reveal diamonds upon discovery.

The Conficker Internet worm had been in the news warning of a worst case scenario when computers worldwide would be affected by the virus. Even the chief security adviser for Microsoft, Ed Gibson, didn’t want to make any predictions about what would happen. Experts just knew that it was set to go off on April 1. Several anomalous happenings were attributed to Conficker including Leroy “Mac” MacElrie who claimed to be the programmer of the Conficker worm and turned himself in to police. ran an advertisement offering hotel room bookings on the moon which would be offered on European websites starting at £800 a night.

Qualcomm ingeniously revealed a new wireless networking technology called wireless convergence. Making use of the flight patterns of pigeons. They then use innovative solutions to converge the birds with wolves to protect the internal improvements.

Media outlets were not the only ones pulling pranks. Gaming websites across the internet Blizzard, Joystiq, and affiliates posted reviews and announcements of games with tongue in cheek. YouTube offered viewers a unique April Fool’s experience as videos were offered upside down. In Ireland, U2 fans received a U2opia concert on a shopping centre roof top concert rather than the real thing.

Urbanload Scam The Urbanload.Com Review Read This Before Signing Up}

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With Ubanload you get a great customer service and support, copy and paste product image, you can also copy and paste product descriptions and you get your questions answered when you need them with online support and live chat. Their payment methods are the usual ones; Paypal, AmEx and VISA/MC.

So, how does it work?

The answer is buying and selling just like in any market but this one is simplified. Urbanload sells at extremely low prices. That means it is like a wholesale so you can buy with the modify or customize the product then sell to eBay or your at your website at prevailing market price.

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If you want to start dropshipping and want a huge army of ready buyers (ebay), then you should try Urbanload. It is what makes dropshipping on eBay easy.

I am an online business enthusiast; I do most of my transactions online. There are several things that, to me, makes Urbanload stands out. You dont have to pay for package materials and boxes, you dont have to set an account with several different companies and force yourself have track of each account. You do not have to keep stock. You only pay once your visitors pay you. It is a easy no-risk setup for starters. So go try it out today and do give a shout out to Thomas (founder of Urbanload) for me.

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News briefs:May 26, 2006

The time is 17:00 (UTC) on May 26th, 2006, and this is Audio Wikinews News Briefs.


  • 1 Headlines
    • 1.1 Shots fired on Capitol Hill
    • 1.2 U.S. Senate passes immigration reform bill
    • 1.3 Melbourne – Adelaide train services disrupted into next week following fatal crash
    • 1.4 Australian troops land in East Timor
    • 1.5 Science minister visits Australia’s newest nuclear reactor, receives nuclear power report
    • 1.6 BitTorrent index sues MPAA
    • 1.7 Hundred million dollar New Zealand drug bust
    • 1.8 Left parties:Don’t let U.S meddle in India’s internal affairs
  • 2 Closing statements

Gastric bypass surgery performed by remote control

Sunday, August 21, 2005

A robotic system at Stanford Medical Center was used to perform a laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery successfully with a theoretically similar rate of complications to that seen in standard operations. However, as there were only 10 people in the experimental group (and another 10 in the control group), this is not a statistically significant sample.

If this surgical procedure is as successful in large-scale studies, it may lead the way for the use of robotic surgery in even more delicate procedures, such as heart surgery. Note that this is not a fully automated system, as a human doctor controls the operation via remote control. Laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery is a treatment for obesity.

There were concerns that doctors, in the future, might only be trained in the remote control procedure. Ronald G. Latimer, M.D., of Santa Barbara, CA, warned “The fact that surgeons may have to open the patient or might actually need to revert to standard laparoscopic techniques demands that this basic training be a requirement before a robot is purchased. Robots do malfunction, so a backup system is imperative. We should not be seduced to buy this instrument to train surgeons if they are not able to do the primary operations themselves.”

There are precedents for just such a problem occurring. A previous “new technology”, the electrocardiogram (ECG), has lead to a lack of basic education on the older technology, the stethoscope. As a result, many heart conditions now go undiagnosed, especially in children and others who rarely undergo an ECG procedure.