What Are The Benefits Of Riddles For Kids?}

Submitted by: Midhul Mohandas

Young minds need to be fostered with something that gives them an opportunity to think over. There are many things that experts suggest to help kids. It is important that their creativity and thinking ability develops as they grow. There is no idea where the world is going to. But, there is something that we can do to make it better today, tomorrow and forever. Children are the buds in which we can instill our hopes for a great future. They are the ones that will make the world a better place to live in.

For the children to contribute to make the world better, it is necessary that they have the ability to distinguish between what can cause harm and what human beings need. This comes from the early years of training and teaching. It has been found that riddles, stories, poems, etc. provides them with an opportunity to think and learn and develop themselves for today and tomorrow.

Experts recommend riddles for kids as something that helps to improve their thinking ability and creativity. Riddles are fun and also provide an opportunity to learn. It is necessary that the young minds get ample of opportunities to think and develop. When they start thinking, they will start reasoning and these give rise to geniuses as we had in past and the present and let us hope for great brains to conquer the world in near future.

Most of the riddles for kids are short, precise and easy to read and understand. This helps them to indulge in more of reading. It is a kind of exercise for the brain too. These days people are too busy with their mobile phones and tablets. Some are glued to the internet and the world of social media. These people are actually unaware of what is happening around them.

This even encourages and pushes the children and the present generation into the world of robots. People are a lot mechanical and are away from the emotional scenario. There exists no emotional attachment between people as in the good old days because of the influence of internet and social media. Here are some of the benefits of riddles for kids:

Laughter is the best medicine: Children might get bored easily during lectures or after continuous sessions. It is necessary that you grab their attention and get them listen to their academics. In such situations nothing can be as great as having a riddle session in between. It also gives them an opportunity to laugh at the humor contained in the riddles. It is a kind of exercise for the children when they get to laugh. Also, laughter is the best medicine, which means it is great for their health too.

Rack their brains: You need to provide them with an opportunity to use their brains. To think over about something and generate interesting results. It is necessary to get their critical reasoning and problem solving capacity developed. Riddles for kids prepare them for what lies ahead of them in their school and college academics.

Interpreting comprehension: In a nation like the U.S., where the literacy rate is 99% people fail at comprehensions. Though they might be good at reading. Peoples ability to read and interpret comprehensions is weak. Riddles for kids help them to understand and interpret comprehensions with ease.

Vocabulary: Children need to read a lot to increase their vocabulary. This comes from constant practice. Riddles for kids are the best form of solutions that helps to enhance their vocabulary.

Creating Bonds: When you are sharing and solving riddles with children, it gives them an opportunity to bond with you and stay connected. Also, it helps them to break out of their comfort zone and mingle with others.

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Your #1 Investment Tax Write Off: Real Estate Depreciation

By Monte Lee-Wen

Sometimes Tax Time can be so painful…

Remember the last time your Mutual Funds took a loss and you STILL had to pay taxes. Doesn’t seem fair. And when your stocks take a loss all you can do is write that off against your stock gains.

Have you ever thought to yourself,

“Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get good cash flow and a generous tax deduction from the same investment?”

Think of it… a single investment offering you the best of both worlds. Is that even possible?

I have good news, because

that is Exactly what direct ownership in Commercial Property offers you.

AND I guarantee you this is information your Stock Broker doesn’t want you to know.


Here’s the best tax write off in Investing…

When you own Commercial Real Estate you can take as much cash flow as the property will produce as income AND use Depreciation to write off thousands of dollars of that income every single year.

There it is … that “Best of Both Worlds”. You take Cash Flow as income and write off Depreciation at the same time … no matter how much Income you made on the property that year.

Here’s how Depreciation works…

Commercial Real Estate is “Depreciated” using a 39 year tax life. The IRS basically says that the buildings on the property are worthless 39 years after you purchase. This means every year you can write off one thirty ninth of the value of the building(s) against your income for the year.

It’s a leveraged write off too…

Here’s what I mean. You get to write off 1/39th of the Entire Value of the Entire Property … not just money you personally put in to the deal.

Check out this example…

If you put $200K cash down on a $1M Commercial Property, you can use Depreciation to write off 1/39th of the full $1M – not just the $200K you put in. This equals $29,614 per year, every year for 39 years in a row if you wish.

And it gets even better…

You can even “Accelerate the Depreciation” and take a bigger write off than this.

Certain parts of your Commercial Property can actually be depreciated over shorter tax life periods and give you an even larger depreciation deduction. It’s done using a technique called Cost Segregation.

Here’s how it works…

Some components of your Property have a tax life of five years, some seven or even 15. There are consultants who can routinely add thousands to your annual Depreciation write off by taking a week to do a Cost Segregation Analysis for you. You can find hundreds of Cost Segregation Consultants with a single search of that term in Google.

Accelerated Depreciation is totally painless, gives the already generous depreciation write off a major boost. Even though it sounds like magic, this technique is completely above board and accepted by the IRS.

At Tax Time it is important to remember this…

Depreciation is the #1 Tax Write Off available to investors today and just one of the reasons Commercial Property deserves a prominent place in your portfolio.

We have created a special report outlining 35 separate unique advantages of direct ownership of Commercial Property. You can download your copy at our website below to kick start your Commercial Real Estate Investing Education.

About the Author: Monte Lee-Wen has purchased over $150 Million in Commercial Property to date. As CEO of Investortours University, his training programs teach you the Insider Secrets of Commercial Property Investment. CLICK THIS LINK NOW to start your

Commercial Real Estate Investing Education

with his FREE Report “35 Reasons You Should Invest in Commercial Real Estate”



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The Real Estate In Pune Is Combined With Luxury, Style And Comfort

The Real Estate in Pune is combined with Luxury, Style and Comfort


Mr. Sanjay Kumar

Demand has outstripped offer among the market of residential property in Pune. For the most part driven by demand between young professionals who are coming back into figure within the city, the Pune market has maintained the quantity of residential property created annually between 28-35,000. This was the momentous trend that was highlighted throughout the Real Estate and Dialogue unionize in Pune.

Pune realty is everywhere the news and has later become a subject of heated and clamorous discussion in the real estate circles in India. No prizes, although for estimation, although the explanations why Real Estate Pune is on the minds of those involved. Competitive property rates, adequately smart infrastructure, cosmopolitan human ecology and flourishing IT/ITes, education, retail sectors and automobile all have created Pune properties amongst the foremost fascinating as compared to property in other metros. Plus, the inflow of professionals and students in massive numbers has additional upped the demand for residential property in Pune, either for rent or for sale. The builders are fulfilling the expectations and demands of the property consumers which took in an exceedingly grand vogue. Builders are providing a plethora of properties for potential customers to choose from. They\’re even obtaining related to architects, designers and consultants of international repute to return with quality edifices.


All these factors have led real estate market in Pune to rise and shine in its full glory. Builders are providing lots valuable additions to the industrial and residential properties, adding to the dynamism of the market. Residential property in Pune are becoming more and more fascinating commodity, referring to the resale worth and also the financial appreciation the house owners have gotten for these properties. And options like gymnasium, play area etc. that were thought-about to be super luxurious for an ensemble of property in Pune, have currently graduated to being default and standard. To place in an exceedingly nutshell, realty developers are leaving no stone unturned once it involves to style, quality, luxury and location, over and specifically.

They are improving and jazzier and there\’s lots of stress on community living, integrated townships and futurist living.

Pune properties by City Group embody everything mentioned concerning them higher than, from quality to futurist lifestyle. As an example, let us consider Amanora Park Town at Hadapsar that is India s first ever digital town. Amanora Park Town has two projects, Aspire Towers and Future Towers which supply spacious and splendid residential property in Hadapsar, right from 1.5BHK to 6 BHK penthouses. Being a digital township, these flats in Hadapsar have a keyless entry and every residents have a smart card for personal identification, Access to main gate, sector gate, Medical History, parking lot and more. This Hadapsar property is future invested with a locality admeasuring twenty six acres of central green and number of Eco friendly infrastructure. A Temple of atmosphere completes the gorgeous image of this wonderful Amanora Township beside alternative amenities like club, gymnasiums, lounges for socialization and a lot more. These flats in Hadapsar, have added a totally avant grade dimension to

Properties in Pune

and every one the credit goes to City Group, amongst the premier builders in Pune. Surpass the demand of Real estate Pune.

Sanjay Kumar writes on behalf of PropTiger which is an independent real estate advisor with a pan-India presence. Proptiger aspire to be your first port of call if you want to buy a residential

Property in Pune


Real Estate Pune


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Article Marketing For Real Estate Professionals

Submitted by: Barbra I. Miller

More and more real estate professionals have been turning to the internet for business purposes. In fact, one of the earliest attempts at commercializing the internet involved local real estate listings. Online real estate has come a long way, and so have real estate professionals on the web as well. But one aspect of the internet many newcomers miss out on, despite being seasons pros offline, involves successful article marketing.

For an increasing number of real estate people, it’s become an ever more important tool, generating leads beyond their wildest dreams. But what is article marketing? Well, you’re reading a great example of one right now! Simply put, article marketing is about sharing information – specifically, your expertise. Now before you decide giving away your hard-won knowledge is too ridiculous to bother further contemplating, please be a little patient and read on some more. For it could very well be just what you need to take your business to the next level of success, both online and off!

When you do article marketing, you are engaging in the act of publishing articles for strategic marketing purposes online. Think of that piece of tax advice that makes the rounds this time every year in the media, or those home-cooking recipes doled out every Thanksgiving by some celebrity chef or other: That’s the gist of article marketing right there, where industry professionals provide free advice in order to promote themselves. This information is considered free because it costs the newspaper or radio station nothing to produce, yet it benefits their readers or listeners. For the celebrity chef, tax adviser, or real estate professional, sharing useful information with such wide audiences puts them in a good mood, and this positive frame of mind becomes associated with the chef or tax adviser or real estate professional.


This is very important, and is the whole point of article marketing, so let me repeat that: free helpful information works to associate the positive feelings engendered by that helpful information with the person or company providing the advice.

Sharing all my articles on real estate on the internet has helped me reach an audience many times more than even paid advertising can, and it has let me do it for almost no money at all, besides the time it took to write, when you consider that time is money and so forth. But the benefits are so enormous, so you too should add such this tool to your existing real estate marketing efforts.

Article marketing won’t simply work on its own, of course. There is a lot more to it than this brief introductory overview can show. For one thing, it takes real dedication, the kind a real writer has, regularly writing unique content. Articles must come fairly frequently, too; no less than a new one each week to be viable, and most likely – in today’s competitive environment – a whole lot more than that. That’s why many hire professionals to do article marketing these days, especially small businesses which want to grow but do not have the manpower on hand to staff an entire online promotions department of their own.

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Tips For Real Estate Agents: How To Ensure Success

By Ryan Pauline

There are now millions of real estate agents that are working across the property industry. In the United States alone, it is estimated that there are now up to two million property agents. Needless to say, competition among such professionals is much more intense. All of them are logically intending to close property deals with as many buyers and sellers.

Becoming a successful real estate agent could be a real challenge. It would take more than training, experience, and license to succeed in this industry. To be successful, any agent should be very familiar about the effective regulations and property laws within the market. Not all agents could succeed based on such factors.

According to US-based National Association of Realtors, about 40% to 80% of new property agents drop out from the profession within their first year. Nine out of 10 of them tend to give up after about three years of failure in the industry. Here are several tips that could help real estate agents succeed in their profession.

First, the agent should treat himself as a business. The profession is actually a business. He could be working under a broker. But in general, he remains independent and his income depends on his commissions from sales. Property agents should run the practice as real businesses.


Second, the agent should set a definite and workable plan, whether for marketing or for strategies. A real estate agent is logically responsible for his own marketing expenses. Thus, he should develop a marketing plan within his strategic plan. Marketing plan is driven by information while strategic plan should identify specific action takers and time frame.

Third, there should be effective sales goals. New agents should expect their sale within their first six months in the business. However, that should not affect their sales targets. Such goals could make any professional more determined and driven.

Fourth, set a financial budget. In general budgeting is important given the current volatility of the marketplace. The financial budget of every property agent should cover marketing costs and additional expenses like education, further training, and advertising. Consider the sales targets and the forecast income when setting the budget.

Fifth, prioritize self management. Success comes to agents that could manage their selves better. Time management is essential in balancing personal and professional life. Property agents should set their priorities. They should always find time to spend with their family, health, and social life to attain professional boost.

Lastly, a property agent should find a good and reliable mentor or real estate coach. New agents should take note. A mentor could serve as a guide that would help an agent overcome professional obstacles and challenges. Agents should hire mentors or coaches especially if they have the resources.

Being an incredible sales person is not an assurance that one could be an effective agent. Observing the right attitude and being adequately equipped to operate in the industry would be crucial. These tips could lead real estate agents to real and lasting success.

About the Author: Are you looking for more information regarding real estate agents? Visit winnipeghomefinder.com/ today!

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A .Net Programmer S Point Of View On Visual Studio 2012

Submitted by: Mitesh Aegis

Much has been talked about the newest version of .Net Framework 4.5 and there are plenty of good reasons that even dozens of articles is not enough to cover what this framework offers. .Net programmers have much to discuss, share and engage within the .Net community about the various benefits that Asp.net Development offers. It is definitely not a small release with few upgrades because .Net framework 4.5 is definitely quite huge. It offers so many features at so many different verticals that it is not possible to talk about all of them in just one go or through one article. I guess this is the reason why other enthusiastic .Net programmers like me are so excited and can t keep themselves from letting the world know what .Net framework 4.5 offers.

It is definitely unrealistic for every .Net programmers to know all the features that .Net framework 4.5 offers and as a .Net programmer I surely do not claim to be an expert on every little nuance of .Net platform. Undoubtedly, .Net is such a vast platform that it is not even humanly possible to master everything. However, of late I have been playing around with the new version of Visual Studio 2012 that comes along with the latest upgrade of .Net 4.5 framework and here is what I gathered.


If .net programmers are looking to create Windows 8 applications, then they would definitely need .Net 4.5 because this is a subset of .Net for Windows store. ASP.Net and Visual Studio 2012 both are compatible with HTML5 and CCS3 and therefore .Net programmers can conveniently build Windows 8 applications utilizing these languages. Also, the .Net Framework 4.5 offers support for web sockets and can also bundle JavaScript libraries.

Visual Studio Ultimate 2012 is known for its performance enhancement features such as helping the .Net programmers by reducing the clutter of their workspace. This means that Asp.net Development will be able to focus better on their work without all the clutter. Also, Visual Studio 2012 also starts faster than Visual Studio 2010 and which is definitely a very good thing. It is now possible for the IDE to conveniently load solutions asynchronously. As a .Net programmer, I personally love the clutter part not being there anymore because for one my workspace doesn t look that crowded and secondly the IDE now opens with fewer windows such as classes, errors, server explorer etc.

Besides the clutter, what also caught my attention and I m sure many .Net programmers will agree with me is that Visual Studio 2012 also includes Silverlight, LightSwitch and Expression Blend. LightSwitch and Silverlight are project types while Expression Blend features as a separate application in the Visual Studio 2012 directory. From my point of view as a .Net programmer, these are just some of the initial features that caught my attention and I m sure on my exploration of Visual Studio 2012, I m going to come across a lot more features that are sure going to be a boon to .Net programmers working on this amazing platform.

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