Why Is Cosmetic Surgery Abroad Popular?

Why is cosmetic surgery abroad popular?



In the past, it was difficult to find decent cosmetic surgery abroad. If you tried to find a decent clinic in Turkey, where our CTG Healthcare surgeons are based, you would have been hard pressed to find more than a handful of doctors, who were willing only to carry out the simplest of cosmetic procedures such as tummy tucks and gastric band surgery. However, there are many highly skilled surgeons working in the field today, offering both cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dentistry abroad, at very affordable prices.

What’s more, in the past decade, we have seen the prices of budget airline flights plummet, with companies such as Easy Jet offering extremely cheap flights to many destinations in Europe. This has made travelling for cosmetic surgery abroad, a much more viable option, financially. This, combined with the ever rising cost of cosmetic surgery in Britain compared with that in other countries, such as Turkey, has been a huge factor in the rising number of patients travelling abroad to get the surgery they so desperately want, in order to make themselves happy. It is now possible to get cosmetic surgery abroad for less than the cost in the UK, without having to sacrifice your safety or settle for lower standards, so why not travel and get a good deal?


Another reason why travelling abroad for surgery is so popular at the moment is the fact that you can combine a holiday and various leisure activities with the surgery. For example, if you are travelling to Turkey for a cosmetic procedure on a Friday, you could head out on the Monday, spend most of the week enjoying the sun and having a fun time experiencing a new culture, then head to the clinic for your surgery before returning home to recuperate and show off the new you.

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